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Adaptive Instruction for Teacher Education: Inclusive Approaches, Resources and Technology
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Communication Exceptionality:

Language Impairment


Ministry Definition... A learning disorder characterized by an impairment in comprehension and/or the use of verbal communication or the written or other symbol system of communication, which may be associated with neurological, psychological, physical, or sensory factors, and which may:

  • Involve one or more of te form, content, and function of language in communication; and
  • Include one or more of:
    • language delay;
    • dysfluency;
    • voice and articulation development, which may or may not be organically or functionally based
  • Some of these students may be identified as Learning Disabled or having Language Learning Disabled.


To Do

Refer to Finding Common Ground and Finding Common Ground - Auditory & Oral Language to determine how to differentiate, and accommodate the language and associated cognitive difficulties these students face, and also to determine what Adaptive Technology would assist these students.