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The IPRC Process

Identification, Placement and Review Committee


The following briefly describes the process for the identification of student with special education needs. 

1. Students may be initially referred to a School Team which consists of school staff who may also call on support staff from the board to assist in determining whether the needs of the students can be met within the school, or whether there is a need for an assessment and an 'official' identification. The School Team mat generate an Individual Education Plan for the student which documents the kinds of interventions needed.

2. The IPRC is a committee which meets to determine the education needs of students, or more specifically to determine:

  • If the student is exceptional and
  • The educational needs are sufficiently severe to require special education long term intervention and support.

3. The Ministry of Education has determine specific defining criteria for each category or type of exceptionality and the  IPRC compares the information it has about the student ( from teacher reports, assessment reports - medical and or psychological), (see defining criteria in side menu on the left) to determine the exceptionality.

4. Once the student is identified the IPRC determines placement of where the student will receive the support needed.  This is most often in the least restrictive environment which is the regular class.

5. Once the student is placed an IEP or Individual Education Plan is developed. The IEP may include:

  • Accommodations for the student - changes in how the student is taught, and/or
  • Modifications - changes to expectations. 

6. Once per year the whole process is reviewed.