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Technology Type: Writing



Clicker5 is a writing support and multimedia tool that enables children to write with whole words, phrases or pictures in any area of the curriculum.

Clicker Writer is Clicker's talking word processor - the learner can type into this with the keyboard, or  click on items in the Clicker Grid to send them into Clicker Writer. The instructor determines the Clicker Grid of words, pictures and sounds appropriate to the curriculum or activity. Other features include:

  • Integrated speech output so the learner can hear words in the Clicker Grid before or after writing.
  • Large picture library with 1,000 educationally related images or add new pictures.
  • Can be combined with specialized keyboards.

Screen Shot of Clicker 5

Clicker5 is licenced by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is available to all students in Ontario. It is available on workstations in the OISE computer labs and the software also may be signed out from the Education Commons for educational/training purposes.


  • Assists learners in constructing sentences using a selected vocabulary (words and pictures).
  • Text-to-speech is used to give immediate vocal feedback.
  • Clicker can also be used as a communication aid in combination with simple switches.
  • Helps learners progress in their writing process from simple editing to longer assignments.
  • Useful to ESL learners.


View a short video presentation demonstrating the Clicker5 software.


A full range of tutorials on use of Clicker5 are available from the Special Education Technology British Columbia Organization. Visit SET-BC Clicker 5 Resources.

See also the Clicker 5 Quick Start.