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Co:Writer Solo

Technology Type: Writing



Co:Writer 4000 adds word prediction, grammar and vocabulary support capabilities to any word processor or e-mail program. The software generates these predictions by combining knowledge of spelling (phonetic and dictionary), grammar rules, context clues, student history and letter cues. It can be used across the curriculum for Grades 1 to 10.

The software breaks down the writing process into manageable steps. Editing tools include:

  • Spellcheck
  • Dictionary (see or hear a definition)
  • Create a bibliography

Screen Shot of CoWriter


This software helps students make appropriate word choices and write higher-quality sentences by helping with correct subject-verb agreement, proper spellings, capitalization, appropriate pronoun and article use, customary word usage, correct word forms and word endings, popular phrases and proper noun usage like names and places.

The software can interact with other SOLO tools, such as Write: Outloud Solo.


  • Helps students overcome mechanical barriers which then allows them to focus on conveying ideas.
  • Breaks down process into manageable steps.
  • Helps students make appropriate word choices and write higher-quality sentences.
  • Supports correct subject-verb agreement, proper spellings, and other grammatical structures.


View a short video demonstrating Co:Writer - Solo.


A full range of tutorials on use of Co:Writer are available from the Special Education Technology British Columbia Organization. Visit SET-BC Co:Writer Solo Resources.

Quick Start

Co:Writer Quick Start