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Adaptive Instruction for Teacher Education: Inclusive Approaches, Resources and Technology
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Technology Type: Visual

Category: Screen Magnification Software


Screen magnification software enlarges the information on the screen to meet the needs of a student with a visual impairment [for example, 1x magnification, 2x magnification, 3x magnification, etc.]. The magnification programs are completely integrated with the computer's operating system and applications. Most screen magnification software has the flexibility to magnify the full screen, parts of the screen or provide a magnifying glass view of the area around the cursor or pointer. These programs also often allow for inverted colours, enhanced pointer viewing and tracking options.

One example of a screen magnification product is ZoomText 9.0, which magnifies text up to 32x, reads most electronic text aloud, and provides cursor and mouse enhancements.


Some of the specific enhancements include:

  • Colour Inversion: Colours can be customized to optimize presentation depending on the user's needs.
  • Focus Enhancements: When a component of the page has been selected (by clicking) it will be highlighted with a bright, colourful rectangle or underline is placed around the page object.
  • Cursor Customization: The cursor can be made larger, or modified in shape to meet the user's needs.
  • Screen Reading:  Software can automatically speak all program menus, dialogs, list views and messages.

This type of adaptive technology is suitable for visually impaired students with some functional vision; visually impaired people with little or no functional vision usually use a screen reader.


View a short video presentation demonstrating the magnification features of ZoomText software. There is also a short demonstration of other ZoomText enhancements that you may wish to view.


A helpful resource is available online from Hartnell University AT Guide for Zoom Text.

See also: ZoomText Quick Start