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Anti-Poverty Community Organizing and Learning (APCOL)

Kingston Galloway - Orton Park (KGO)


Co-led by Israt Ahmed (KGO Residence Rising; Social Planning Council), Peter Sawchuk (University of Toronto) and Joseph Sawan (University of Toronto), the Kingston Galloway - Orton park case study focused on researching the recruitment processes, life experiences, learning barriers and supports for community anti-poverty housing activists as well as strategies and initiatives to build momentum for a the development of a local housing strategy. In close consultation with a group of established and emerging community leaders the study focused on how and why people become activists on housing and related issues, and how new and established activists strategized about solutions and membership building. Strategies included the use of community consultation initiatives, member popular education sessions, focus groups, individual interviews and member-to-member interviewing.

Israt Ahmed writes about how Informal Learning Continues for APCOL Community Leaders in Kingston/Galloway (Social Planning Toronto site).

Final Report of KGO case study (15 page PDF file)


Our KGO Community: 
Housing and Anti-poverty Organizing in Scarborough

by Joseph E. Sawan

Anti-poverty organizing takes on many forms, but I believe that successful movements share some key qualities: hope, perseverance and enthusiasm. The residents in East Scarborough, specifically in the Kingston Galloway – Orton park (KGO) neighbourhood, go above and beyond in their organizing efforts. From the Market to Community Speaks to its busy East Scarborough Storefront office on Lawrence Ave., this is a place where it seems that an increasing number of residents are working to engage more people in their work and encourage social change in their community.

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