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2021/2022 APHD Student Association

Who is your APHD Student Association? Learn more about each member below! We sat down with each member and got to know each of them a little bit better. We will continue to share more information from your APHD Student Association on this page throughout the year, so keep an eye out here!

Meet our APHD Racialized group of students here.

Diana Burchell (
DPE PhD, Year 3)

Diana Burchell - APHD Student Association President

Diana was the chair of the OISE Alumni Association Student Advisory Committee for three years, and a trustee for CUPE 3907 in the past year. Diana has also been the student representative on the OISE Mentorship Program committee for three years, in addition to starting and running the OISE Caremongering channels. Diana's goal in this position is to get the student association back up and running, and to provide better student support through the next year. 

Quick Facts:

  • Research focus: Equitable access to multilingual language programs
  • After my degree, I want to: Create better interventions for multilingual students (wherever that takes me).
  • My favourite hobby: Listening to podcasts
  • My favourite sport: Does Pilates count?
  • My favourite cuisine/food: Thai food (especially from Salad King)!
  • My favourite spot/restaurant in Toronto: Check out the Hot Docs theatre at Bloor/Bathurst, and grab some food from Ghazi while you're there!
  • Bucket list item: Teach my cat to sit on my shoulder during hikes.
  • Remarks to APHD studentsWelcome to our wonderful community in APHD. Remember: you belong here, you deserve to be here, and you add value to our community. We're so happy that you're joining us this year!

Agnes Wong (
DPE PhD, Year 2)

Agnes Wong

Agnes is grateful to be one of the executive officers of the APHD SA! Agnes is also a journalist of the Elemental Magazine organized by the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union. As a researcher, Agnes has experience overseeing research projects in different departments, and she is thankful to have several journal papers published. As an Occupational Therapist, Agnes has experience providing interventions and workshops for people from different backgrounds in Hong Kong. Most importantly, as an OISE alumni (MA, 2012) she is looking forward to enhancing the student life experience for all.

Quick Facts:

  • Research focus: Physiological Reactivity, Emotion and Cognition 
  • After my degree, I want to: Be a researcher / consultant who works on projects which can eventually benefit the well-being of others, especially children and adolescents with special needs.
  • My favourite hobby: Grocery shopping, jogging, running
  • My favourite sport: Yoga
  • My favourite cuisine/food: I enjoy making and eating banana/carrot oatmeal pancakes! I like many types of cuisine, especially vegetarian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine.
  • My favourite spot/restaurant in Toronto: Saigon Lotus is one of my favourite Vietnamese vegetarian restaurants! For favourite spot, I would recommend the Toronto Islands!
  • Bucket list item: Look forward to working closely with all of our SA executive officers in implementing many wonderful activities for our students! 
  • Remarks to APHD students: Welcome everyone! Enjoy your study life at U of T, and take your time to enjoy the wonderful scenery in Toronto! 

Michelle Chin (
MA CSE, Year 2)

Michelle Chin

Michelle Chin is currently a 2nd year student in the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education Program and has been so grateful to have been able to collaborate with APHD students outside of her program both academically and professionally. As the MA-CSE student-representative and financial officer, her goal is to efficiently monitor expenses and reimbursements and ensure that funds are equally distributed across all APHD programs.

Quick Facts:

  • Research focus: Understanding educators’ perspectives and the psychosocial effects related to student success in French Immersion programs, with a particular interest with those whose first language is neither English nor French.
  • After my degree, I want to: Take the year off and teach abroad! Having been in school for 18 years, I feel it’s important for me to slow things down and make time for things that bring me joy outside of school. Following that, it has been a lifelong dream to become a French Immersion elementary school teacher with YRDSB or TDSB.

    In addition, having had opportunities to work with the Multilingualism and Literacy Lab and the Robertson Program at OISE has further fueled my passion for research and enabled me to make meaningful contributions to the research and educational field. These learning experiences have opened me up to many new career opportunities that I never thought were possible prior to and so returning back to pursue my PhD is definitely in the books!

  • My favourite hobby: I always love to keep my body moving, so working out and trying new strength and conditioning workouts with friends and family is one of my favourite things to do! It truly makes such a huge difference in how I’m feeling, my productivity, and how I show up for the people in my life. Aside from that, a colleague recently inspired me to purchase a paint-by-numbers and for someone who isn’t artistic, it’s extremely relaxing and a satisfying hobby I’ve gotten into. It truly makes you feel like an artist!

  • My favourite sport: Track and field and cross-country running were always a personal favourite of mine. Lately, I’ve been trying to build my endurance and hopefully reach my goal to run 10km by the end of the year.

  • My favourite cuisine/food: This one’s a hard one since I’m a huge foodie and am open to trying just about anything. To me, food is a great way to bring people together and I’m always fascinated to learn about what dishes mean to different cultures. My grandmother’s homemade Cantonese-style cooking can’t be beaten. I always cherish those bonding moments when I watch and (attempt) to learn how to replicate her dishes.
  • My favourite spot/restaurant in Toronto: I recently went to Gusto 501 with a friend and it was an absolute treat! Their ambiance, modern architecture, delicious Italian food, and good company make for an unforgettable night. I recommend ordering a few dishes and sharing them so you can sample the most amount of their food.
  • Bucket list item: My best friend and I initially had plans to go backpacking around Southeast Asia after our undergraduate studies, however, we had to cancel it due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, we’re hoping to be able to check this off our bucket list soon! 
  • Remarks to APHD students: To those starting their first year this upcoming fall, take a deep breath and get ready for an unforgettable experience. You are in great hands and have the privilege to be learning from world-renowned experts in their field. Despite having my first year in the MA-CSE program online, I felt extremely well-supported by my professors and was very grateful to have a positive learning experience amidst the pandemic. 

Ana Zdravkovic (
DPE PhD, Year 3)

Ana Z

Ana Zdravkovic looks forward to ensuring that students feel connected, well represented, and respected across all programs and years. This will be achieved by helping to coordinate a wide range of student events and communicating all activities of the APHD SA to the entire student body.

Quick Facts:

  • Research focus: Learning anxiety, specifically math anxiety, and  Learning Optimization.
  • After my degree, I want to: Work in a school setting implementing specific interventions for lowering elementary students’ math anxiety.
  • My favourite hobby: Going on bike rides and walks
  • My favourite sport: Skiing- I love going with my family!
  • My favourite cuisine/food: Sushi
  • My favourite spot/restaurant in Toronto: Centre Island is such a cute spot for adults and children. I personally still love to visit the small amusement park called Centreville. There is also a beach, beautiful green space, and amazing view of the city. You can get there by taking a quick ferry ride across the lake. It’s a mini getaway where I love going for an afternoon bike ride and picnic.  
  • Bucket list item: I would really like to travel to each continent at least once. I have already made it to four and hopefully I can make it to the rest once it is safe to travel!
  • Remarks to APHD students: A warm welcome to our incoming students and a welcome back to our returning students! I look forward to connecting with you all virtually this year and hope we can move to in-person social events as the year progresses!

Krystina Raymond (
DPE PhD, Year 3)

Krystina Raymond

Krystina Raymond is passionate about helping individuals navigate graduate school, particularly through the lenses of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. As a biracial and first-generation student, she has experienced educational challenges and continues to face many systemic hurdles. She hopes to be able to make a real impact on the APHD department for the good of its students, faculty, and staff. Krystina currently serves on the Anti-Racism and Social Justice APHD Subcommittee and the APHD Racialized Students Team. 

Quick Facts:

  • My Research focus: Development of language and literacy skills in bilingual speaking children, and their contributions to reading comprehension. I am devoted to issues supporting bi/multilingual education and am passionate about helping students particularly through the lenses of anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • After my degree, I want to: Open a school for underprivileged young girls in India to provide safe and quality education.
  • My favourite hobby: Zumba
  • My favourite sport: Basketball
  • My favourite cuisine/food: Chicken curry and roti
  • My favourite spot/restaurant in Toronto: Dundas Peak in Toronto is one of my favourite spots to hike and enjoy nature. 
  • Remarks to APHD students: As the APHD Student Association Equity and Diversity Officer, I would like to remind you that there are no questions or concerns too big or too small that we cannot help you with. Please come look for us and have an amazing academic year!