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  • No late applications are considered for APHD programs
  • Admission to the CP and CCP graduate program is based entirely on the online application and supporting documentation. There are no preliminary interviews.


  • OISE applications are separate from other faculties at the university. You must submit a separate application for OISE than other UofT programs; however, you can apply to up to three graduate studies programs within OISE on the same application. 
  • Applications to more than one program within APHD are discouraged. Because all of APHD's programs offer very different experiences and career paths, applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully select the program to which they wish to apply. Applying to more than one program may suggest to the Admissions Committee that you are unsure of your interests.
  • Requests to transfer between programs is not supported.


  • The statement of intent is one of the most important parts of your application. It is your opportunity to describe how your past experiences, skills and professional development goals are a strong fit with the program to which you are applying.
  • Your professional reference letter can come from anyone who can speak knowledgeably about your practical work and skills. Examples may include a supervisor at a volunteer setting or summer camp or an employer at a setting where you worked with children, adults, or families as part of your job (e.g., daycare centre, mental health clinic, community recreation program).
  • If you completed your undergraduate degree many years ago and are having trouble with getting a current academic reference, you can opt to obtain a letter of recommendation from a supervisor at work, for example, who can comment on your writing skills, problem solving ability, creativity, organizational skills and, if possible, your research ability.


  • Faculty advisors are an important part of a student's degree. Faculty often provide academic and career advice to students and support their research goals.
  • Please reference the faculty profiles page for APHD faculty research and areas of expertise. If required, choose a faculty member whose research you connect with to indicate on your application.
  • Faculty supervisors/advisors are assigned once an applicant has been accepted into the program.


  • The U of T application website has a tracking mechanism for your application status. Please do not contact APHD directly about the status of your online or supplementary application material.

    Further inquiries can be made to the OISE Registrar's Office at admissions.oise@utoronto.ca

  • More extensive information pertaining to the application process can be found at the OISE Admissions web page.


If you do not receive an offer of acceptance and apply the following year, new supporting documents must be re-submitted with the new application.



  • For information about academic requirements, please see the Office of the Registrar and Student Services Admissions website
  • If full-time in final year of bachelor’s degree, all the grades from the last year are averaged to calculate the academic standing. 
  • If part-time, the most recent senior level (400 and 300 level) courses (at least 5 full course equivalents) are averaged to calculate academic standing.
  • The academic standards for admission are required for all applicants, with no exceptions. 
  • For more questions regarding applications and academic requirements, please see the Office of the Registrar and Student Services Admissons FAQ website