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APHD COVID-19 Update

All classes at UofT have been moved online and many staff are telecommuting as of Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. Additional administrative support can be found further below on this page.

To support our community, we have put together some resources to help you cope and connect amidst COVID-19. You can find a list of these resources on the COVID-19 Coping Resources page.

COVID-19 exemption from tuition

SGS has announced that all research-stream and professional degree students who demonstrate that their academic progress was significantly impeded due to COVID-19 related disruptions may be exempt from tuition for up to one academic session. This duration may be re-assessed as the situation evolves. 

Students still will be charged non-tuition ancillary, incidental fees and system access fees that are associated with the registration session.  

APHD students may now request a COVID-19 exemption from tuition for up to one session using the APHD Tuition Exemption Form (found below). Students should submit these forms to their Program Administrator, who will ensure the process outlined is followed, and the final decision is communicated back to the student. For the fall session, the due date for submission of the form is August 1, 2020.

Tuition Exemption Forms, Factsheet and Process for Approval:

APHD Process for Approval of Request to Register with a Fee Exemption 
APHD Tuition Exemption Form
SGS Register with Tuition Exemption Form (both SGS and APHD exemption forms are required)
Implementation Factsheet - Extending Registration with Tuition Fee Exemption

Please see the President's message and the Vice-Provost's message in response to COVID-19.



If you are a student with a question about a class you are currently enrolled in, please contact your instructor by email or through Quercus.


If you are a current student or a student seeking information on admissions, you can direct these questions to Program Staff, who are available by email during regular working hours.


In addition, staff  have also scheduled online “office hours” for new and current students. During these office hours program staff will be available for phone calls, online meetings, and conversations over Microsoft Teams. As these are new systems that we have put in place for health and safety reasons, please be patient if you encounter technical difficulties.


Online office hours for each program are listed below:


CSE: Vanessa Dane

Online office hours: 9am - 11am

Monday – Friday

Email: vanessa.dane@utoronto.ca


SCCP and DPE MA: Diana Robinson

Online office hours: 9am - 11am

Monday – Friday
Email: diana.robinson@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-978-0920


CP and CCP MA, MEd, and PhD: Todd Will

Online office hours: 9am - 11am

Monday – Friday
Email: todd.will@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-978-0682


DPE MEd: Jennifer Cho

Online office hours: 10am - 12pm

Monday – Friday
Email: jennifer.cho@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-978-0683




Executive Assistant to the Chair: Stephen Krencil

Online office hours: 10am - 12pm

Monday - Friday

Email: ms.krencil@utoronto.ca


Communications: Sasha David

Online office hours: 1pm - 3pm

Monday - Friday

Email: sasha.david@utoronto.ca 


Finance/Business Office: Sugirthan Ganeswararajan

Online office hours: 9am - 11am

Monday - Friday

Email: sugirthan.ganeswararajan@utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-978-0925




Program Chairs and Coordinators are also now telecommuting, and, in addition to email throughout the day, some of them are also setting up online office hours:


CSE: Yiola Clevoulou

Online office hours: 2pm - 4pm

Monday - Friday

Email: y.cleovoulou@utoronto.ca 


DPE MA and PhD: Jenny Jenkins

Online office hours 1pm - 3pm

Monday – Friday

Email: jenny.jenkins@utoronto.ca 


DPE MEd: Anne-Claude Bedard

Online office hours: 1pm - 3pm

Monday – Friday

Email: ac.bedard@utoronto.ca


CP: Jeanne Watson

Online office hours: 9am - 10am

Monday – Thursday

Email: jeanne.watson@utoronto.ca 

Program Drop in Sessions:


DPE MEd Drop-In Sessions

These sessions have been tentatively cancelled due to low attendance. If you have questions, please contact sasha.david@utoronto.ca.


SCCP Drop-In Session

Wednesdays from 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Please contact Diana Robinson for the Zoom link to join these sessions at: diana.robinson@utoronto.ca