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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information

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In assessing each applicant, the weighting for each category is to be as assigned below:

Criteria Points
Seniority in the barganing unit 25
Departmental recruitment needs 25
Ability to assist in research and/or field development 50


Seniority in the Barganing Unit (Max 25 points)

Each academic year (September 1 to August 31) in which an applicant has held a graduate assistantship (either one, two, or three terms) will count as one year of seniority credit.  Master's students who have held a graduate assistantship prior to entering a doctoral program will receive points for seniority.


One year seniority 10 points
Two years seniority 20 points
Three or more years seniority 25 points


Departmental Recruitment Needs - Based on Departmental Admission Criteria (Max 25 points) 

Students who have never held a graduate assistantship will be ranked and assigned Departmental Recruitment Needs.  There will be three categories herein:

  • a high score of 25
  • a medium score of 20
  • a low score of 10

The percentage of the students in the highest ranked group will equal the percentage of the students in the highest seniority category on the previous tab; the percentage of the students in the middle group will equal the percentage of the students in the middle seniority category; and the percentage of the lowest ranked group will equal the percentage of the students in the low seniority category.

Students continuing in the same degree program who have never held a graduate assistantship will be ranked equally with new students.

Master's students entering a doctoral program will be considered as new students.



Ability to Assist in Research and/or Field Development (Max 50 Points)

I. Background experience – 20 points total

  1. Any research experience that has some relevance for the social sciences (paid or unpaid) is awarded 3 points per unit* to a maximum of 12.
  2. Completion of an M.A. thesis or undergraduate thesis (not both) is awarded 3 points (refer to Publications as well).
  3. Any non-research work experience (paid or unpaid), for example clinical, teaching or community, considered relevant is awarded 2.5 points per experience unit.*

*An “experience unit” is defined as about 250 hrs. (e.g., 10 hrs./wk. for 6 months; 20 hrs./wk. for 3 months). 

Note: a 2-term OISE GA counts as 1 unit.  If no time frame indicated, minimum value will be assigned.

II. Specific skills relevant to departmental research (award only complete units) – 15 points total

  1. Computer-related Skills - Skills mentioned (including desktop publishing, spreadsheet design, programming, systems management, graphics) are awarded 5 points.  Do not include wordprocessing, use of statistical software, data entry, or data analysis.
  2. Data Analysis - Skills mentioned (including use of statistical software such as SPSS) are awarded 5 points.
  3. Interviewing - Skills mentioned (including testing, teaching, systematic observations) are awarded 4 points.
  4. Foreign Language - Any foreign language skills mentioned are awarded 1 point.

III. Scholarly achievement – 15 points total

a. Publications – total 9 points

  • 6 points - 1st authored article in refereed journal
  • 4 points - 1st authored chapter in edited book
  • 3 points - non-first authored article in refereed journal
  • 2 points - non-first authored chapter in edited book
  • 1 point - article in non-refereed journal, technical report, or completed B.A. or M.A. thesis

b. Presentations – total 3 points

  • 2 points - 1st authored paper or poster presentation at internationally recognized conference
  • 1 point - any other conference or workshop presentation


c. Awards – total 3 points

  • Any scholarly award(s) (including scholarships, but not including a Dean=s List listing) are awarded 1 point each to a maximum of 3 points.