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Clinical & Counselling Psychology Field

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Practicum and Internship Placement Handbook (pdf)

MA and PhD Practicum/Internship Evaluation Form (pdf)

APPIC Form - Summary of Practicum Experiences (pdf) (Form for Tracking Hours) 

Approval for Additional Doctoral Practicum Experience (pdf)

Colloquium Attendance Form



Students are required to complete 9 half-courses, a 500-hour practicum and a thesis.  The thesis is completed under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. Coursework can usually be completed in three semesters, and it is expected that all program course requirements will be completed within two years.

Year One: Courses, planning for thesis including formation of thesis committee, thesis proposal approval, applications for practicum placement

Year Two: Courses, practicum, thesis data collection, analysis, completion of thesis

First Year Required Courses

APD1219H Ethical Issues in Professional Practice in Psychology
APD1208Y Individual Cognitive and Personality Assessment and Practicum
APD1263H Research Methods
JOI1288H Intermediate Statistics
+ Elective one elective half-course

Second Year Required Courses

APD1203Y  Practicum I – Interventions in Counselling Psychology (full year course)


 Group Work in Counselling (or an equivalent course)



Academic Monitoring

A monitoring form will be provided by the program and completed by all MA and PhD students each year by March 31. Written feedback is provided to each student and retained in the student’s departmental file. 

If minor problems are noted, a faculty member contacts the student and discusses possible ways to rectify the problem(s).

If the difficulty is a significant one, a faculty member is assigned the task of monitoring the student’s progress. In cases where attempts to rectify the problem are unsuccessful, the student may be asked to leave the program.


The Colloquium Series presentations occur approximately once a month and are delivered by renowned local and international scholars in their area of expertise. These talks and presentations are carefully curated to enhance your educational experience in the Department of APHD. 

It is expected that all MA students will attend a minimum of three colloquium presentations during their program, which partially fulfills the course requirements for APD1203Y. 

The completed Colloquium Attendance form should be submitted to the Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Judy Silver together with the Placement Evaluation form in order to complete the requirements for this course and the MA.

Colloquium Schedule




  • Administered through course APD1203Y Practicum I – Interventions in Counselling Psychology
  • Students must complete a 500-hour practicum, supervised by a licensed psychologist 
  • All practicum and internship arrangements must be made in consultation with the Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Judy Silver. Students are encouraged to consult Dr. Silver in the fall of their first year of the program. 



  • This is a pass/fail course
  • Practicum supervisors evaluate their students’ performance half way through the placement experience and again at the end of the placement to inform the course instructor of student progress

Further information regarding policies and procedures for the practicum are available in the Practicum and Internship Placement Handbook for the MA and PhD Degrees in the Clinical and Counselling Psychology Program


When preparing a thesis, you will work in consultation with your thesis supervisor from the Counselling & Clinical Psychology Program until a committee is formed and, after that, with your thesis committee. If your supervisor is external to APHD, an internal APHD faculty member must act as your program advisor.


1. Review of OISE/UT Guidelines for Thesis and Doctoral Final Oral Exams (pdf)
2. Establishment of a thesis topic
3. Selection of a thesis supervisor (normally the student’s Faculty Advisor)
4. Formation of a thesis committee (Thesis Supervision Approval Form pdf) 

5. Ethical Review (forms to be completed)
6. Thesis proposal approval (form to be completed)
7. Thesis work
8. Final thesis approval and submission (form to be completed)



MA program theses are evaluated by a minimum of two faculty members, both holding either Full or Associate School of Graduate Studies appointments, with at least one member from APHD.

There is no oral examination for an MA thesis.

To learn more about your program, see About CCP