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Guidelines for Thesis and Doctoral Final Oral Exams (pdf)
Ethical Review
OISE e-thesis Guide (pdf)
Nomination (pdf)
Thesis Supervision Approval Form (pdf)



All OISE graduate studies programs operate under the umbrella of the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies (SGS). For information on coursework and other program requirements, please see the SGS Calendar.

SGS Calendar

For full course descriptions, please see the Registrar's Office and course listings page.



  1. Review of OISE/UT Guidelines for Theses and Orals
  2. Establishment of a thesis topic
  3. Selection of a thesis supervisor (normally the student’s Faculty Advisor)
  4. Formation of a thesis committee (form to be completed)
  5. Ethical review, if required (forms to be completed)
  6. Thesis proposal approval (form to be completed)
  7. Thesis work
  8. Final thesis approval and submission (form to be completed)


  • MA program theses are evaluated by a minimum of two faculty members, both holding either Full or Associate School of Graduate Studies appointments, with at least one member from APHD.
  • There is no oral examination for an MA thesis