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Finding an Internship Placement


  • In June, the Director of Clinical Training meets with students who are planning to search for internship and provides an overview of the APPIC match process. The APPIC application process starts at: www.appic.org
  • You are expected to enter the APPIC match process and apply for APA/CPA-accredited placements.  
  • Your chance of succeeding with the match process increases with the number of applications. 
  • APA/CPA accredited internships in the Greater Toronto Area are limited, so expect to travel outside of Toronto (e.g., London, Hamilton, Ottawa) or even outside of Ontario.



It is recommended that students who wish to apply for internship have their proposals approved and their ethics protocols submitted to the REB using the following guidelines:

- Full review: March 1st

- Delegated review: April 1st

Dates for ethics submissions are available at http://www.uhnres.utoronto.ca/reb/. 


March-May of the year before anticipated internship:

•  Determine internship sites that interest you by:

  • Reviewing the CCPPP website http://www.ccppp.ca
  • Reviewing the APPIC directories of internship placements at http://www.appic.org 
  • Talking with interns and faculty

•  Request letters of recommendation from faculty and clinical supervisors

June to August

•  Attend the group meeting set up by the Director of Clinical Training to review the application process

•  Update your curriculum vitae

•  Download the AAPI application form on the APPIC site and begin to fill it out in pencil

•  Prepare a table of deadlines and required application materials and begin ranking your sites

•  Begin writing your application essays


September to November

•  Register with the National Matching Services Inc. to receive a password and match identification number to place on application (the NMS registration deadline for applicants is Dec.1)

•  Order transcripts

•  Ask your advisor, fellow applicants and/or the Director of Clinical Training to review your essays and curriculum vitae

•  Calculate hours and arrange meeting with the Director of Clinical Training to confirm hours on application

•  Write cover letters for each site


December to January

•  Practice for possible interview questions

•  Review your application materials

•  Know each site you are applying to well

•  Be prepared to travel for interviews

•  Create and revise your Rank Order list

•  Submit Rank Order list to the NMS (deadline is early in February) -- Only rank the places you are seriously considering -- once you’ve been matched, you cannot change your mind!

•  Wait to hear the Matching Program results (the third week in February)

Students who enter the match and are unable to obtain a placement should consult with the Director of Clinical Training to consider ways to strengthen their application before reapplying the following year.



Under extenuating circumstances, students may petition in a written letter to be exempt from entering APPIC match and to be permitted to undertake a non-accredited, non- APPIC internship. Circumstances that warrant consideration include but are not limited to extenuating family issues and the unsuitability of available internships given the career goals of the student. 

The letter should be addressed to the Clinical Progress Review Committee and given to the Director of Clinical Training. Accompanying the petition letter is a signed Internship Confirmation form and a completed Educational Outline for the Internship (non APPIC). Both are available from the Director of Clinical Training.

The expectation is that the internship placement should substantially conform with APPIC membership criteria. Upon receipt of these materials, the Clinical Progress Review Committee will review the petition, make a decision and inform the student.


Accident and liability insurance coverage while on internship

Students should note that the University does not provide accident or liability insurance coverage while students are on internship. Students may choose to purchase this coverage privately during their internship year.