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MEd - Developmental Psychology & Education


For information on coursework and other program requirements, please see the SGS Calendar.

SGS Calendar

For full course descriptions, please see the Registrar's Office and course listings page.


Note: Because many of our MEd students are working professionals, required foundation courses are often offered in the evenings during the academic year or during the summer. We try to offer each of these courses at least once a year.

Note for Students with a Psychology Background

If you have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, you may be able to request an exemption as follows:

Please contact your faculty advisor before you enroll if you would like to explore this possibility.


Below is a list of the departmental electives available for students in the DPE MEd program.

Please click on the course code to access course descriptions. 

Course details and prerequisites can be found on the Office of the Registrar and Student Services (ORSS) course schedule

APD1207H Counselling Topics in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Diversity  
APD1210HY Research Practicum Course    Anne-Claude Bedard
APD1211H Psychologial Foundations of Early Development and Education  
APD1217H Foundations of Proactive Behavioural and Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention in Children  
APD1233H Cognitive Development and Applications Michel Ferrari
APD1236H Developmental Psychopathology Jennifer Jenkins
APD1249H Social-Emotional Development and Applications Michal Perlman
APD1256H Child Abuse: Intervention and Prevention Richard Volpe
APD1279H Preventative Interventions for Children at Risk Richard Volpe
APD1285H Psychology and Education of Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities Esther Geva; Todd Cunningham
APD1286H Foundations of Literacy Development for School Age Children Xi Becky Chen
APD1291H Addictive Behaviors: Approaches to Assessment and Intervention Abby Goldstein
APD1297HS Mental Health in the Classroom: How Educators can Help Our Most Vulnerable Students Chloe Hamza / Anne-Claude Bedard
APD2252 Individual Reading and Research in Human Development and Applied Psychology - Master's Level  
APD2275H Technology for Adaptive Instruction and Special Education  
APD2280H Introduction to Special Education and Adaptive Instruction Julia Ferrari; Jody Chong
APD3228H Mixed Methods Research Design in Social Sciences (RM) Eunhee Jang
APD3252H Individual Reading and Research in Human Development and Applied Psychology - Doctoral Level  
APD3286H Developmental Neuropsychology Anne-Claude Bedard
APD1251H Reading in a Second Language Esther Geva
JOI1287H Introduction to Applied Statistics (RM) Mahshid Azimi-Bolourian
JOI1288H Intermediate Statistics and Research Design (RM) Mahshid Azimi-Bolourian

A range of special topics courses are also offered each year (APD5000 series). Please see the ORSS course schedule for course listings as they become available. You may also speak to your faculty advisor for updated special topics course offerings.


​When you take a learning pathway, your courses will have a specific focus and be taken from within the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development.

In the MEd DPE program, you can choose to pursue a learning pathway in one of three areas: 

  • Mental Health & Education
  • Education & Special Education
  • Mind, Brain, Development and Research in Applied Psychology

Learning pathways will not appear on your transcript.