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Yiola Cleovoulou
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Program Chair, Child Study and Education Program

email: ycleovoulou@oise.utoronto.ca  

Department: Applied Psychology and Human Development

Research Overview

Yiola researches the area of teacher development. Two areas frame her research: 1) Literacy Teacher Educators, and 2) Elementary Classroom Teachers' Practices.
Current research projects include:
1) Working with a team of researchers on a SSHRC project that explores over 40 literacy teacher educators from across the world.
2) Principle investigator - exploring the daily classroom practices of elementary school teachers. A current research project explores critical literacy practices and how teachers in inquiry based classrooms embed critical literacy in their programs. Other research interests include practices related to social inclusion and equity, and teacher educators.
3) Working with a team on a longitudinal SSHRC project that examines teachers practices -- from their first year of practice now into their eight year.

Academic History

BA, BEd - York University

Teaching Overview

Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development:
HDP1259 Family and Education
HDP 2201 Childhood Seminar and Practicum (Child Study and Education Program)
HDP 2214 Family and Education (Child Study and Education Program)