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Group of students in a group study session


Our faculty are leaders in their fields, with wide-ranging interests and active research programs in the areas of human development and the psychology of child, adolescent and adult learning across the lifespan.

As a result, student engagement in faculty research labs yields very high success rates in securing external student awards and funding. This year we are looking forward to developing large-scale international projects that address the emerging issues concerning mental health, well-being and education.

Discover some of our current research led by these extraordinary scholars:

Becky Chen describes her research


Video: Becky Xi Chen-Bumgardner Research

Children's language and literacy development (bilingual and bi-literacy development)

Lana Stermac explains her research


Video: Lana Stermac - Research

Violence against women; particularly sexual victimization on campuses and the impact on their education


Eunice Jang explains her research


Video: Eunice Jang - Research

Developing an innovative assessment to bring about changes to our classroom and learning context 



Jenny Jenkins explains her research


Video: Jenny Jenkins - Research
Early vulnerabilities in children; Interested in the development of mental health problems in children and patterns of children's early learning
Katreena Scott explains her research


Video: Katreena Scott - Research

Preventing the development of violence and abuse, and how to change it once it has occurred; and how our knowledge is applied