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CP Faculty who are Accepting Students for 2019-2020

EdD Program Supervisors


Faculty Name

Research Interests

Dr. Jeffrey AnsloosDr. Jeffrey Ansloos

  • Indigenous mental health and education, in particular:
    • Structural violence and complex trauma
    • Indigenous death, suicide, and life promotion
    • Indigenous social theories and applied community psychology
    • Decolonization, liberation, emancipation and futurism(s)
    • Sociopolitical dimensions of Indigenous mental health
    • Youth studies (Racialization; Social movements; Identity)
    • Qualitative, arts-based and new media research methodologies
    • Critical media and technology studies

Dr. Charles ChenDr. Charles Chen

  • Vocational and career psychology
  • Life career development issues broadly defined
  • Meaning making and human agency in worklife
  • Career theories and counselling approaches
  • Morita therapy and Morita-philosophy-based career counselling intervention
  • Humanistic psychology and inquiries
  • Counsellor education and training
Dr. Abby GoldsteinDr. Abby Goldstein
  • Risk and wellness behaviours during emerging adulthood (ages 18-25)
  • The influence of distal (early relationships, attachment styles, child maltreatment) and proximal (individual differences in emotion regulation, motives for risk behaviours, mood, interpersonal interaction) factors on the everyday risk and wellness behaviours of emerging adults
Dr. Lana StermacDr. Lana Stermac
  • Post-traumatic health and health promotion
  • The effects of traumatic and adverse events on mental health and education
  • Issues around school age violence, sexual violence against women
  • The effects of unwanted sexual behaviours on educational experiences and academic performance
  • Educational components of successful academic environments for war-zone immigrant and refugee students with histories of adverse events or trauma
Dr. Jeanne WatsonDr. Jeanne Watson
  • Theory and practice of person-centred and experiential psychotherapy including emotion focused therapy, psychotherapy process and outcome
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • Empathy
  • Emotional processing and affect regulation, cognitive-affective processes in the treatment of depression