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Group of students in a group study session


Core APHD Faculty Associate Faculty Professors Emeriti Who's Accepting

Find contact information for other academic appointments here.

Faculty members in APHD regularly teach & supervise across programs. Please see Who's Accepting for information on supervising faculty in particular programs.



Faculty Member

Contact Information

Jeffrey Ansloos
Assistant Professor

phone: 416-978-0712
email: jeffrey.ansloos@utoronto.ca

Anne-Claude Bedard
Assistant Professor

DPE MEd Program Coordinator

phone: 416-978-1091
email: ac.bedard@utoronto.ca

Mary Caravias

Director of Clinical Training, SCCP

phone: (416) 978-0624 
email: m.caravias@utoronto.ca

Beverly Caswell

email: beverly.caswell@utoronto.ca 

Charles Chen

phone: (416) 978-0718 
email: cp.chen@utoronto.ca  

Xi Becky Chen

phone: (416) 978-0970 
email: xi.chen.bumgardner@utoronto.ca

Jody Chong

email: jody.chong@utoronto.ca

Yiola Cleovoulou
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
CSE Program Chair

email: y.cleovoulou@utoronto.ca

Todd Cunningham
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

SCCP Program Chair

phone: 416-978-2502 
email: todd.cunningham@utoronto.ca

Lisa Dack
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

email: lisa.dack@utoronto.ca  

Michel Ferrari

DPE MEd Program Advisor

phone: (416) 978-1070 
email: michel.ferrari@utoronto.ca

Patricia Ganea
Associate Professor

phone: (416) 934-4502 
email: patricia.ganea@utoronto.ca

Esther Geva

phone: (416) 978-0916 
email: esther.geva@utoronto.ca

J. Roy Gillis
Associate Professor

phone: (416) 978-0679 
email: roy.gillis@utoronto.ca

Abby Goldstein
Associate Professor

Associate Chair of APHD

email: abbyl.goldstein@utoronto.ca

Julie Goldenson


Chloe Hamza
Assistant Professor

phone: 416-978-1059 
email: chloe.hamza@utoronto.ca

Zachary Hawes
Assistant Professor

email: Zack.hawes@utoronto.ca

Eunice Eunhee Jang

phone: 416-978-0238
email: eun.jang@utoronto.ca

Jennifer Jenkins

DPE Program Chair

phone: 416-978-0939
email: jenny.jenkins@utoronto.ca

Nina Josefowitz

Global Mental Health Coordinator

Steven Katz
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: (416) 978-1034
email: steven.katz@utoronto.ca

Clare Kosnik
Cross-Appointed to the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

phone: 416-934-4555
email: ckosnik@oise.utoronto.ca

Kang Lee

phone: 416-934-4597 
email: kang.lee@utoronto.ca

Rhonda Martinussen
Associate Professor

Director of Jackman ICS

email: rhonda.martinussen@utoronto.ca

Roy Moodley
Associate Professor

phone: (416) 978-0721 
email: roy.moodley@utoronto.ca

Charles Pascal

phone: (416) 716-7245 
email: charles.pascal@utoronto.ca

Janette Pelletier

phone: (416) 934-4506 
email: janette.pelletier@utoronto.ca

Michal Perlman

phone: (416) 978-0956    
email: michal.perlman@utoronto.ca

Angela Pyle
Assistant Professor

email: angela.pyle@utoronto.ca

Marg Schneider
Associate Professor

CCP Program Chair

phone: 418-978-0684
email: margaret.schneider@utoronto.ca

Katreena Scott
Associate Professor

phone: (416) 978-0971 
email: katreena.scott@utoronto.ca

Judith Silver
Professor, Teaching Stream, Director of Clinical Training CCP 

phone: (416) 978-0623 
email: judy.silver@utoronto.ca

Naomi Slonim

phone: 416-978-7795
email: n.slonim@utoronto.ca

Lana Stermac

phone: (416) 978-0722 
email: l.stermac@utoronto.ca

Suzanne Stewart
Cross-Appointed from Dalla Lana School of Public Health

email: suzanne.stewart@utoronto.ca

Tracy Solomon


Richard Volpe

phone: (416) 934-4511 
email: richard.volpe@utoronto.ca

Mark Wade
Assistant Professor


Jeanne Watson

CP Program Chair

phone: (416) 978-0705 
email: jeanne.watson@utoronto.ca
Earl Woodruff
Chair of APHD

phone: (416) 978-1068 
email: earl.woodruff@utoronto.ca
Debby Zweig
Internship Coordinator, TAIC

phone: (416) 978-1964 
email: debby.zweig@utoronto.ca


The following are associate faculty members located at universities with which we have established partnerships. 

Faculty Member Contact Information Institution Field
Zhefung An
Associate Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
anzf@bjut.edu.cn Beijing University of Technology  
Genyue Fu
Associate Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
fugenyue@hznu.edu.cn Hangzhou Normal University   

Liu Haihua
Associate Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto



Peking University Psychology
May Lee
Adjunct Professor
University of Toronto
maylee530@126.com Hangzhou Normal University   

Andre Plamondon
Assistant Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto


University of Laval  
Jinliang Qin
Associate Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
qizjnu@126.com Hangzhou Normal University   
Kaiwen Xu
Associate Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
Peking University Clinical Psychology; 
Counseling and Education

Jialu Zhao
Adjunct Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
jialuzhao@qq.com Beijing University of Technology Clinical Psychology
Mingke Zhuang
Assistant Professor, Status Only
University of Toronto
  Peking University