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Collaborative specializations enrich scholarly activity by creating common, multidisciplinary experiences for students to connect around a particular area of focus outside their home graduate unit. They are offered to graduate students across the University of Toronto, uniting multiple disciplines to provide a truly unique education experience.

Learn more about Collaborative Specializations that are offered with APHD.


Students in a collaborative specialization must meet all the requirements of their home department in terms of course work, practicum, and/or thesis, in addition to taking the specialized courses of the collaborative program.

Some collaborative specializations are open to students in both the Master’s and Doctoral programs. Please check your degree's program page to see which collaborative programs are possible. 


Collaborative Specialization Requirements:

  • All usual requirements for the degree program in the home department
  • A thesis topic or practicum placement relevant to the collaborative specialization (depending on the degree requirement)
  • A thesis supervisor or member of the thesis committee, depending on the specialization, must be appointed to the collaborative specialization
  • Each specialization has specific course requirements