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Doctor of Philosophy in School & Clinical Child Psychology

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Program Length 4-5 years  full-time Career Path psychology practice and
research in schools, mental health, community
and university settings
Program Requirements

Courses, OISE
Psychology Clinic placements, 500-hour field-based external practicum; 1600 hour internship, thesis

Program Highlight Clinical training
under supervision of faculty members
who are licensed psychologists
Scheduling Options and Mode of Delivery Full-time basis only

This program is designed to provide professional training in psychological assesment, therapy and other psychosocial and instructional interventions, professional consultation and prevention. Graduates find careers working with children, adolescents and families in school, mental health, private practice and research settings.


The PhD in School & Clinical Child Psychology (SCCP) Program continues the training provided in the MA program.

The School and Clinical Child Psychology is accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) as a combined program in school and clinical child psychology. (next site visit due* 2019-20)

Accreditation Office
Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
141 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 702
Ottawa, ON K1P 5J3
613-237-2144 x 328 or 1-888-472-0657 x 328


The PhD degree is intended to meet the academic requirements of the College of Psychologists of Ontario for registration as a Psychologist.


  • An appropriate four-year honours degree in psychology or equivalent and MA in psychology or equivaent from a recognized university, with a standing grade equivalent to a University of Toronto A- or better in the final year.


This is a 4-5-year program (full-time only). Degree requirements consist of:


  • 11 Half-courses (5.5 FCE), which includes: 
    • 500-hour practicum, typically in a clinic setting
    • 1600-hour supervised internship
  • Thesis and oral defence
  • Comprehensive Examination (take-home exam)
  • Colloquium Attendance


APD 3260H

Psychodiagnostic Systems

 APD 3222H

 Approaches to Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan

APD 3240H Advanced Social and Emotional Assessment Techniques
APD 3241H 

Seminar and Practicum in Clinical Assessment and Intervention

APD 5284Y Assessment and Intervention with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children, Youth, and Families
APD 3202H  A Foundation of Program Evaluation in Social Sciences
0.5 FCE from the 
Psychosocial Interventions 
course menu
To be chosen with your faculty advisor
0.5 FCE elective course To be chosen with your faculty advisor
APD 3242Y Internship in School and Clinical Child Psychology


Because of the importance of obtaining clinical experience, many students elect to complete an additional practicum. Students considering an additional practicum are required to discuss this with the Director of Clinical Training.

Each year, students submit record of their academic and clinical progress and their thesis progress. Academic progress is then reviewed by SCCP faculty to monitor student progress.


Applications are now closed for the PhD in School & Clinical Child Psychology program for the 2018-2019 academic year. The academic school year for this program begins in September. 

Applications are completed online through the School of Graduate Studies website.

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The Registrar’s Office includes a checklist to walk you through:

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  • reviewing admission requirements
  • preparing your application
  • submitting required supporting documents.

You are also able to view your application status from there.



See a list of which faculty are accepting students in each of our programs by viewing Who's Accepting?


  • In addition to the usual supporting documents outlined in the links above, applicants to the PhD-SCCP program are required to submit an additional academic letter of recommendation (total of 2 academic letters and one professional letter).


  • NOTE: Although designed as a cohesive program, continuation from the M.A. to the Ph.D. is not automatic; graduates from the M.A. must be in good academic standing and demonstrate preparedness for the SCCP Ph.D. program when applying.



Tuition information can be found via the University of Toronto's Office of the Provost.

Fees for Domestic Students

Fees for International Students

Questions? Contact the PHD-SCCP program liaison, Diana Robinson: diana.robinson@utoronto.ca


*The program was first accredited as a combined program in school psychology and clinical psychology by the American Psychological Association in 2001, and by the Canadian Psychological Association in 2008.

To learn more about this program, see About SCCP