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Congratulations to Dr. Angela Pyle, OISE Teaching Excellence Award recipient!

Angela Pyle - Award for Excellence
Credit: Dr. Angela Pyle

We would like to extend our most sincere congratulations to Dr. Angela Pyle, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development for winning the Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education as part of the OISE Teaching Excellence Awards this past March. We sat down with Dr. Pyle to learn a bit more about her research and what this award means to her.

As a former classroom teacher and current researcher that examines classroom practice, Dr. Pyle has always thought it was essential to stay connected to her roots. In maintaining this connection, she has learned from the educators with whom she conducts her research and the students who have shared their learning with her.

"This award has shown me that although where and who I teach has changed, I am still a teacher at heart, and being at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) has only helped me to improve my practice", says Dr. Pyle.

Dr. Pyle's current research examines the implementation of play-based learning in classrooms and the impact of this implementation on children’s learning and development. This research stream provides her with the opportunity to use research to inform her teaching and share effective teaching approaches that have been observed in contemporary classrooms to prepare students for the realities of teaching. In turn, Dr. Pyle says that she has learned what challenges educators face in their classrooms to guide the research that needs to happen next.

Since Dr. Pyle arrived at OISE in 2013, the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (JICS) community welcomed her as they do with all those who walk through their doors and she had the opportunity to research and teach in collaboration with other experts in academics who are now her peers and also phenomenal teachers.

"Above all though, the teacher candidates who I have the privilege of teaching have been supported by these same people, which means they come to classes open, engaged, and eager to learn. They are the types of students that make you want to work harder and be better", says Dr. Pyle.

When asked about Dr. Pyle’s strengths in teaching, Dr. Yiola Cleovoulou (a colleague of Dr. Pyle at the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development), said "Dr. Pyle is a former kindergarten teacher who understands the practical elements of teacher education and offers courses seeped in unpacking the daily experience of classroom teaching; an internationally recognized scholar in early years pedagogy who makes research accessible to preservice teachers; and above all, Professor Pyle models care and compassion and, now more than ever, the MA CSE students value the safe learning environment she creates in her classes".

You can view Dr. Angela Pyle's full faculty profile here.