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Lab Spotlight: The CARE (Coping, Affect and Resilience in Education) Lab

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Lab Site:

Lab Members:


  • Dr. Chloe Hamza


  • Lexi Ewing (third year doctoral student in DPE)
  • Ariana Simone (third year student in SCCP)
  • Maria Ilieff (second year student in SCCP)
  • Will Janssen (first year student in SCCP)
  • Holly Boyne (first year student in SCCP)
  • Mira Persaud (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Shannen Rowe (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Kaylea Walsh (MEd practicum student)

CARE Lab members
CARE Lab members


What research is being done in the CARE Lab (Coping, Affect & Resilience in Education)?

In our lab, we are interested in understanding the development of mental health and well-being among youth, adolescents, and young adults in a variety of educational contexts (e.g., elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools). Our research focuses on identifying developmentally relevant risk and protective factors for mental health challenges (such as depression and self-injury) and well-being. We also are interested in understanding the processes through which mental health challenges occur, and identifying ways to support vulnerable students. Our work serves to inform prevention and intervention programming in educational settings, and promote the use of evidence-informed practices in schools. 
We use a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the lab. Given our interests in development, we often utilize repeated measure assessments to capture change and stability in mental health and well-being over short and longer intervals of time. In addition, we also conduct quasi- experiments, and use physiological measures in the lab. We also are interested in understanding the unique perspectives of individuals, and value interview-based approaches in our work.