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Lab Spotlight: The BOLD Lab
BOLD Lab Logo

Lab Site:

Lab Members:


  • Dr. Kaja Jasinska

Lab Team:

  • ​​​​Fabrice Tanoh
  • Dr. Hermann Akpé
  • Joelle Hannon
  • Shakhlo Nematova
  • Mary-Claire Ball
  • Danyang Wang
  • Alyssa Kampa
  • Shamina Shaheen
  • Shauna-Marie Sobers
  • Faryal Khan
  • Adji Thierry
  • Anicet Konan Nana
  • Cassie Yang
  • Jasodhara Bhattacharya


What research is being done in the BOLD Lab?

Below we feature one of the research projects conducted by the lab, but please visit the lab website to learn more about additional projects.

STUDY: Executive Functions and Reading

Disadvantaged living environments characterized by economic insecurity, nutritional deficiencies, and poor stimulation may undermine development of basic cognitive skills that support academic learning and school success. Executive functions (inhibition, working memory, and cognitive flexibility), are crucial components of cognitive development that support a child’s academic outcomes, including literacy. Executive function development is particularly susceptible to the negative impact of poverty because the brain region that support these skills is late to mature and therefore remains sensitive to environmental effects throughout childhood. Although recent studies have started to show how poverty-related factors affect executive function skills of children growing up in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), the role that executive functions play in promoting academic outcomes in these settings remains poorly understood. In this study, we examine how executive functions support children’s literacy in an environment with high, poverty-related, risk of illiteracy.

Research Team: Jelena Obradovic (Stanford), Amy Ogan (CMU), Joelle Hannon-Cropp (UDelaware, PhD student), Faryal Khan (UofT, M.Ed. Student)