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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information

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  • Your contract is issued by the APHD Department Chair’s Office. For questions related to this you may contact the Administrative Assistant to the Chair, Stephen Krencil (OISE 9-194; phone 416-978-2471; email aphdsessional.oise@utoronto.ca).
  • For questions about payment, please contact our Business Officer, Diane Giang (OISE 9-192; phone 416-978-2575; email dhb.giang@utoronto.ca). She will need a voided, blank cheque to arrange direct deposit of payment of sessional instructors



Department Chairs

APHD Chair: Earl Woodruff
APHD Associate Chair: Katreena Scott



Program Chairs

Child Study & Education: Yiola Cleovoulou
Clinical & Counselling Psychology: Margaret Schneider
Counselling Psychology: Lana Stermac
Developmental Psychology & Education: Jenny Jenkins
DPE MEd: Michel Ferrari and Anne-Claude Bedard
School & Clinical Child Psychology: Todd Cunningham




Name and Role Email Contact for

Mary Macri,
Administrative Assistant



-Office supplies
-Paperwork for payroll

Wah-Ming Wong
Financial Assistant

-Expense reimbursement

-Purchase Orders


Diane Giang,
Business Officer
dhb.giang@utoronto.ca  -Expense reimbursement
-Research support and administration

Stephen Krencil,
Executive Assistant to the Chair



-Job postings
-Contract preparation

-Blackboard access (login info)
-Classroom space booking


Zirka Pyndiura,
Graduate Liaison Officer
z.pyndiura@utoronto.ca - Academic support: grades, academic offenses, student academic history, course information such as class lists, wait lists and course scheduling
- Student awards
- Student counseling and support


Jennifer Cho,
Program Liaison & Recruitment for

  • Developmental Psychology & Education MEd
  • Global Mental Health & Counselling Psychology (MEd)
  • Early Learning (Flex PhD)
jennifer.cho@utoronto.ca - Academic support and advising students
- Execution of recruitment plans

Vanessa Dane,
Program Liaison

  • Child Study & Education (CSE) 
vanessa.dane@utoronto.ca -Support and advising students in the CSE Program

Diana Robinson,
Program Liaison

  • Developmental Psychology & Education (MA & PhD)
  • School & Child Clinical Psychology (SCCP)
diana.robinson@utoronto.ca -Support and advising students in SCCP MA & PhD /  DPE MA & PhD

Todd Will,
Program Liaison 

  • Clinical & Counselling Psychology (CCP)
  • Counselling Psychology (CP)
todd.will@utoronto.ca -Supports instructors of CP/CCP courses by:
  • Providing class lists
  • Providing student contacts
  • Assisting with teaching and technical support
Becky Stewart,
Digital Communications Officer & Event Planner

-APHD website and social media
-Departmental events
-APHD faculty and staff communications
-Non-course related room bookings





  • To set up your UTORid, visit the Information Commons Help Desk at Robarts Library (130 St. George St). Note: You will need to bring a copy of your contract or an authorized letter from APHD Business Officer Diane Giang, detailing your OISE employment.
  • Your UTORid and password will remain available for the duration of your contract.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need your UTORid to log in to your EMarks when submitting your final grades online.


  • With your UTORid and password, you will have access to the UTORmail system for communicating with students, OISE faculty, and university staff members (as well as with others outside the university).
  • UTORmail accounts are typically created (when you activate your UTORid) using your first and last name with a period between them as your email address, for example: firstname.lastname@utoronto.ca.
  • You can access your UTORmail account by configuring your existing email client software (ie Gmail, Outlook) or by using your internet browser to login to the University of Toronto’s Learning Portal.


​Internet Access

  • The required login will be your UTORid and password.
  • While at OISE, you can use our wireless internet to access webpages for almost any information you may need, including the University of Toronto’s academic schedule, handbooks, guidelines, and course organization software.

Photocopier code

  • Please see Diane Giang, Business Officer, for your copy code.
  • The photocopiers are located in room 9-181 and in 9-218.


  • Mailboxes are located across from room 9-190.
  • There is a shared mailbox across for all lecturers, which is labeled “Sessional"

​Expense Reimbursement

  • Must have the Chair’s pre-approval via email.
  • Expense reimbursement claim form and instruction can be found on the Resources page under "Financial Resources"
  • Once completed, the form and original receipts can be submitted to Mary Macri and/or Diane Giang.


A comprehensive list of sessional dates and deadlines can be found on the Registrar's Office website and in the OISE Graduate Studies in Education Bulletin.