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Applied Psychology &  Human Development
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APHD Self Care Challenge

APHD_Self_Care_Challenge Home

Aaron Matthews Class of 2020

Aaron_Matthews_Class_of_2020 Home



Award Opportunities

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COVID-19 Coping Resources

COVID-19_Coping_Resources Home

Contact Us

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Correnda Downey Class of 2020

Correnda_Downey_Class_of_2020 Home

Current Students

Current_Students Home

About CCP

About_CCP Home

About SCCP

About_SCCP Home

EdD - Counselling Psychotherapy

EdD_-_Counselling_Psychotherapy Home

Ethical Review

Ethical_Review Home

MA - Clinical Counselling Psychology

MA_-_Clinical_Counselling_Psychology Home

MA - Developmental Psychology Education

MA_-_Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

MA - School Clinical Child Psychology


Admission Statistics
Admission_Statistics Home

MA Practicum
MA_Practicum Home

PhD Practica
PhD_Practica Home

MEd - Counselling Psychotherapy

MEd_-_Counselling_Psychotherapy Home

MEd - Developmental Psychology Education


Course Areas
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Research Practicum Course
Research_Practicum_Course Home

MEd - Global Mental Health Counselling Psychology

MEd_-_Global_Mental_Health_Counselling_Psychology Home

MEd - Guidance Counselling

MEd_-_Guidance_Counselling Home

PhD - Clinical Counselling Psychology

PhD_-_Clinical_Counselling_Psychology Home

PhD - Developmental Psychology Education

PhD_-_Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

PhD - School Clinical Child Psychology

PhD_-_School_Clinical_Child_Psychology Home

Practica and Internship Forms

Practica_and_Internship_Forms Home

Practicum Sites

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Residency Consortium

Residency_Consortium Home

Partners Home

Partners New
Partners_New Home

TARC Faculty
TARC_Faculty Home

Student Health Family Care Special Services

Student_Health_Family_Care_Special_Services Home

Dan Zamfir Class of 2020

Dan_Zamfir_Class_of_2020 Home

Faculty and Staff


Administrative Staff

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Faculty Home

Adjunct Faculty
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Faculty Research Highlights
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Who s Accepting

Other Academic Appointments

Other_Academic_Appointments Home

Professors Emeriti

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Sessional Instructors


Financial Aid Funding Opportunities

Financial_Aid_Funding_Opportunities Home

Francis Wall Class of 2020

Francis_Wall_Class_of_2020 Home

EdD Counselling Psychology - School Psychology Field
EdD_Counselling_Psychology_-_School_Psychology_Field Home

EdD Counselling and Psychotherapy

EdD in Child Study and Education
EdD_in_Child_Study_and_Education Home

PhD Clinical Counselling Psychology
PhD_Clinical_Counselling_Psychology Home

PhD Developmental Psychology Education
PhD_Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

PhD School Clinical Child Psychology
PhD_School_Clinical_Child_Psychology Home

Dual Degree Program Master of Education (University of Toronto) Master of Medicine (China Medical University)
Dual_Degree_Program_Master_of_Education_(University_of_Toronto)_Master_of_Medicine_(China_Medical_University) Home

Dual Degree Program Master of Education (University of Toronto) Master of Science (China Medical University)
Dual_Degree_Program_Master_of_Education_(University_of_Toronto)_Master_of_Science_(China_Medical_University) Home

MA Child Study Education
MA_Child_Study_Education Home

MA Clinical Psychology
MA_Clinical_Psychology Home

MA Clinical and Counselling Psychology
MA_Clinical_and_Counselling_Psychology Home

MA Developmental Psychology Education
MA_Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

MA School Clinical Child Psychology
MA_School_Clinical_Child_Psychology Home

SCCP Who s Accepting
SCCP_Who_s_Accepting_ Home

MEd Counselling Psychotherapy
MEd_Counselling_Psychotherapy Home

MEd Developmental Psychology Education
MEd_Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

Program Evaluation Emphasis
Program_Evaluation_Emphasis Home

Theming your MEd Degree
Theming_your_MEd_Degree Home

MEd Global Mental Health Counselling Psychology
MEd_Global_Mental_Health_Counselling_Psychology Home

MEd Guidance and Counselling
MEd_Guidance_and_Counselling Home

Gladiola Musabelliu Class of 2020

Gladiola_Musabelliu_Class_of_2020 Home

Jacqueline Wilson Class of 2020

Jacqueline_Wilson_Class_of_2020 Home

Julie Hong Class of 2020

Julie_Hong_Class_of_2020 Home

Liam Hannah Class of 2020

Liam_Hannah_Class_of_2020 Home

News Events

News_Events Home

Colloquia Series


2017-2018 Colloquium Series
2017-2018_Colloquium_Series Home

2019-2020 Colloquium Series
2019-2020_Colloquium_Series Home

Jan 22 Dr. Victor Kuperman
Jan_22_Dr._Victor_Kuperman Home

Sep 25 Dr. Kang Lee



APHD Orientation Hub
APHD_Orientation_Hub Home

Incoming Student Profiles
Incoming_Student_Profiles Home

Orientation Schedule - 2020
Orientation_Schedule_-_2020 Home

Words of Wisdom
Words_of_Wisdom Home

Academic Skills Workshops
Academic_Skills_Workshops Home

Alumni Coffees
Alumni_Coffees Home

DPE Lab meetings
DPE_Lab_meetings Home

Derek Franco
Derek_Franco Home

Fall 2021

Judy Ogacki
Judy_Ogacki Home

Megan McGuire
Megan_McGuire Home

Melanie Tavone
Melanie_Tavone Home

Mental Health Week 2021 - Event listings
Mental_Health_Week_2021_-_Event_listings Home

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mary-Margaret Caldwell
Mary-Margaret_Caldwell Home

Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca
Richard_Piekarczyk-Vacca Home

Suzanne Dennison
Suzanne_Dennison Home

Rabia Chaudhry
Rabia_Chaudhry Home

Taisley Isaac
Taisley_Isaac Home



2013 News Archive
2013_News_Archive Home

2016 Events Archive
2016_Events_Archive Home

2017 News Archive

2019 News Archive

APHD Research Experience
APHD_Research_Experience Home

Carine Diverlus
Carine_Diverlus Home

David Collict Vanier Scholar
David_Collict_Vanier_Scholar Home

Mark Wade Mark_Wade Home

Francis Wall - Mar 2020
Francis_Wall_-_Mar_2020 Home

Janani Selvachandran Student Spotlight Jan 2020
Janani_Selvachandran_Student_Spotlight_Jan_2020 Home

MITACS - Jan 2020
MITACS_-_Jan_2020 Home

Meghan Sullivan - Sep 2020
Meghan_Sullivan_-_Sep_2020 Home

Naifang - April 2020
Naifang_-_April_2020 Home


Angela Pyle Associate Professor
Angela_Pyle_Associate_Professor Home

CPA Award winners - 2020
CPA_Award_winners_-_2020 Home

Doris Lin - Student Spotlight Dec 2020
Doris_Lin_-_Student_Spotlight_Dec_2020 Home

Kaja Jasinska
Kaja_Jasinska Home

Meghan Sullivan - Student Spotlight Sep 2020
Meghan_Sullivan_-_Student_Spotlight_Sep_2020 Home

Nicole Loncar - Student Spotlight Nov 2020
Nicole_Loncar_-_Student_Spotlight_Nov_2020 Home

Remembrance Day
Remembrance_Day Home

Sep 2020 Student Spotlight - Meghan Sullivan
Sep_2020_Student_Spotlight_-_Meghan_Sullivan Home

Ying Yao - Student Spotlight Oct 2020
Ying_Yao_-_Student_Spotlight_Oct_2020 Home

2020 News Archive
2020_News_Archive Home

Janani S Jan 2020
Janani_S_Jan_2020 Home

Mitacs Home

2020 News Archive -
2020_News_Archive_- Home

2021 News Archive

Angela Pyle - Award for Excellence
Angela_Pyle_-_Award_for_Excellence Home

Angela Pyle - OISE Teaching Excellence Award
Angela_Pyle_-_OISE_Teaching_Excellence_Award Home

Jordan McVittie - Student Spotlight Feb 2021
Jordan_McVittie_-_Student_Spotlight_Feb_2021 Home

Juensung Kim - Student Spotlight June 2021
Juensung_Kim_-_Student_Spotlight_June_2021 Home

OISE Institute for Mental Health
OISE_Institute_for_Mental_Health Home

OISE s Institute for Student Mental Health and Wellbeing
OISE_s_Institute_for_Student_Mental_Health_and_Wellbeing Home

Tiffany Anderson - Student Spotlight Jan 2021
Tiffany_Anderson_-_Student_Spotlight_Jan_2021 Home

2022 News Archive

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Pride Month - June 2020

Pride_Month_-_June_2020 Home

Speaker Series Archives

Speaker_Series_Archives Home

Staff Awards Accolades

Staff_Awards_Accolades Home

Student Spotlight

Student_Spotlight Home

Upcoming Events

Upcoming_Events Home

Open House Recordings

Open_House_Recordings Home

Our Graduates

Our_Graduates Home

Alumni Spotlights


Chelsi Major - DPE
Chelsi_Major_-_DPE Home

Cortney Pasternak - CP
Cortney_Pasternak_-_CP Home

Deone Curling - CP
Deone_Curling_-_CP Home

Heather Prime - SCCP
Heather_Prime_-_SCCP Home

Mariam Ayoub - CCP
Mariam_Ayoub_-_CCP Home

Raadiyah Nazeem - CSE
Raadiyah_Nazeem_-_CSE Home

Robert Roopa - CP
Robert_Roopa_-_CP Home

Yi Huang - DPE
Yi_Huang_-_DPE Home

Convocation Spotlights


Psychology Clinic


Adult S

Adult_S Home

Adult Serv

Adult_Serv Home

Adult Services

Adult_Services Home

Not a Student
Not_a_Student Home

Student Home

Child Services

Child_Services Home

Confidentiality Privacy

Confidentiality_Privacy Home

Contact Us

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Practicum Event - Nov 2020

Practicum_Event_-_Nov_2020 Home

Rachel Vandezande Class of 2020

Rachel_Vandezande_Class_of_2020 Home

APHD Research Centres

APHD_Research_Centres Home

Faculty Curiosity Driven Questions

Faculty_Curiosity_Driven_Questions Home

Geva Lab

Geva_Lab Home

Contact Visit
Contact_Visit Home

Current Students
Current_Students Home

Research Home

Books and Book Chapters
Books_and_Book_Chapters Home

Educators Parents
Educators_Parents Home

Projects Home

Publications Home

Team Members Emeritus
Team_Members_Emeritus Home

Hamza - CARE Lab
Hamza_-_CARE_Lab Home

Lee - Development Lab
Lee_-_Development_Lab Home

Resources for Staff Faculty

Resources_for_Staff_Faculty Home

New Instructor Information

New_Instructor_Information Home

Academic Misconduct
Academic_Misconduct Home

Evaluating Home

Getting Set Up
Getting_Set_Up Home

Resources Home

Student Issues
Student_Issues Home

Your Course(s)
Your_Course(s) Home

Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca Class of 2020

Richard_Piekarczyk-Vacca_Class_of_2020 Home

Samantha McCormick Class of 2020

Samantha_McCormick_Class_of_2020 Home

Shiyu Zhang Class of 2020

Shiyu_Zhang_Class_of_2020 Home

Shona Mistry Class of 2020

Shona_Mistry_Class_of_2020 Home


Themes Home

Educational Technology

Educational_Technology Home

Program Evaluation Theme

Program_Evaluation_Theme Home

Ulrica Jobe - Class of 2020

Ulrica_Jobe_-_Class_of_2020 Home

Zohrah Haqanee Class of 2020

Zohrah_Haqanee_Class_of_2020 Home



Internship and Practica Sites
Internship_and_Practica_Sites Home

Future Students Future_Students Home

Child Study Education Child_Study_Education Home

Counselling Psychology Counselling_Psychology Home

Developmental Psychology Education Developmental_Psychology_Education Home

School Clinical Child Psychology School_Clinical_Child_Psychology Home