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David Philpott Photo

Dr. David Philpott

Email: david@davidphilpott.ca
Research Associate

Dr. David Philpott is a respected researcher, knowledgeable consultant and articulate advocate for healthy child development. During his 40-year career in education he has been at the forefront of informing societal approaches to supporting vulnerable children and empowering their families. His Curriculum Vitae provides details of his career, including the following highlights:

  • Professor of Special Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Adjunct Professor Disability Studies, University of Calgary
  • Psychotherapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • Clinician/consultant in child mental health and assessment
  • Extensive national and international research/publication portfolio
  • Editorial Board for three scholarly journals
  • Substantial public speaking/presentation resumé

David is passionate about a range of topics relating to child development, with noted experience in areas such as educational assessment, Indigenous/Aboriginal education, early child education, family empowerment, childhood disabilities and mental health, and teacher training. His contributions to education and policy development have been significant and he continues to create and mobilize knowledge to inform public policy.

His full CV can be found at www.davidphilpott.ca.


Sample Publications

Young, G., Philpott, D.F., Butler, E., Maich, K. & Penney, S.C. (2020). Quality Early Child Education Mitigates Against Special Educational Needs in Children. In T. Loreman, J., Goldan & J. Lambrecht (Ed.). International Perspectives on Inclusive Education - Resourcing Inclusive Education.  

Philpott, D.F., Penney, S.C., Maich, K., Young, G., & Butler, E. (2019). The Preemptive Nature of Quality Early Child Education on Special Education Needs in Children. Memorial University of NL: St. John’s, NL.

Young, G., Philpott, D.F., Butler, E., Maich, K., & Penney, S. (2019). Exploring the impact of quality early child education on special education: Can we prevent placement in special education? Exceptionality Education International, 29(3), 6-21. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/eei/vol29/iss3/2

Penney, S., Young, G., Butler, E., Maich, K., & Philpott, D.F. (2019). The role of quality ECE in facilitating mental health and well-being in children. Exceptionality Education International, 29(3), 57-76. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/eei/vol29/iss3/5

Maich, K., Davies, A., Penney, S., Butler, E., Young, G., & Philpott, D.F. (2019). Young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The earlier we begin, the better. Exceptionality Education International, 29(3), 77-91. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/eei/vol29/iss3/6

Collins, A., Philpott, D.F., Fushell, M., Wakeham, M. (2017). Now is The Time: Final Report of the Premier’s Task Force on Improving Educational Outcomes. Government of NL.

Philpott, D.F. (2015).  Redefining Assessment in Contemporary Classrooms: Shifting Practices and Policies. Chapter 6. In S. Scott, D.E. Scott, & C.F. Webber, (Ed.). Assessment in education: Implications for leadership. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Philpott, D.F. (2015).  First Nations Assessment Issues. Chapter 13. In Scott, S., Scott, D.E., & Webber, C.F. (Ed.). In S. Scott, D.E. Scott, & C.F. Webber, (Ed.). Assessment in education: Implications for leadership. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

White, M. & Philpott, D.F. (2014). Growing Education Down to Include the Early Years: Vision & Strategy for Quality ECE in NL. The Jimmy Pratt Foundation.  St. John’s, NL.

White, M. & Philpott, D.F. (2013). The Early Years Last a Lifetime: A Discussion Paper for NL. The Jimmy Pratt Foundation. St. John’s, NL.

Lawton S., Philpott, D.F., & Furey, E. (2011). Funding Education in a Time of Diversity. International Studies in Educational Administration. 39(1).

Philpott, D.F., Furey, E., & Penney, S. (2010). Promoting leadership in the professional development of teachers: responding to globalization and inclusion. Exceptionality Education International. 20(2). 38-54.

Philpott, D.F. & Cahill M. (2008). A Pan-Canadian perspective on the professional knowledge base of learning disabilities. International Journal of Disability and Community Rehabilitation. 7(2), www.ijdcr.ca/

Philpott, D.F. (2007). Assessing without labels: Culturally defined inclusive education. Exceptionality Education Canada. 17(3). p. 3-34.

Burnaby, B. & Philpott, D.F. (2007). Innu oral dominance meets schooling: New data on outcomes. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. 28(4), p.270-289.

Philpott, D.F. (2006). Identifying the learning needs of Innu students: Creating a model of culturally appropriate assessment. Canadian Journal of Native Studies. 26(2). p.361-381.

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