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Jane Bertrand

Email: janebertrand@rogers.com

Jane Bertrand is the Program Director at the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation. The Foundation’s focus is on early childhood practices, policies and research in Canada. Jane is also an Adjunct Professor at OISE, University of Toronto and participates in OISE’s Early Learning PhD program, an Honorary Fellow, Mitchell Institute, Mebourne, Australia and Advisor to Our Place, Victoria, Australia.  Jane worked in collaboration with Dr. Fraser Mustard and the Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain and was the research coordinator for Early Years Study (1999), Early Years Study 2 (2007) and Early Years Study 3 (2011). In 2013, Jane received an honourary doctorate from the University of New Brunswick, for her contribution to early childhood education in Canada.

Jane was Professor at the School of Early Childhood at George Brown College until June 2011. She has collaborated with the Ontario government on several curriculum and policy initiatives related to early childhood education. Jane is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, Australia’s Goodstart Thought Leaders Advisory Group and was a member of the Toronto First Duty Research team. She is a contributing author of the Science of Early Child Development (www.scienceofecd.com) and has co-authored a textbook, The Essentials of Early Childhood Education, Canadian Edition.

Selected publications

Bertrand, J. (in press) Play Today Victoria, British Columbia: Department of Education, Government of British Columbia

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