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Kerry McCuaig

Fellow in Early Childhood Policy
Cell: (647) 295 2808
Email: kerry.mccuaig@utoronto.ca

Kerry McCuaig co-developed and produces the Early Childhood Education Report, which tracks provincial/territorial progress in early years program development. She co-authored Early Years Study 3, Making Decisions, Taking Action with Margaret McCain and the late Fraser Mustard. Kerry has had a long involvement in early childhood policy including as a founder of Toronto First Duty, a pioneer in the integrated delivery of early childhood programming. She supports similar integrated ECE service models in Atlantic Canada. Kerry works with the teams that developed the unique early learning models in Ontario and New Brunswick. She has authored several publications, including those commissioned by the Senate of Canada, the Toronto Board of Trade, and the governments of Manitoba, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and the City of Toronto as well as reports for labour, women’s and community organizations. Kerry is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences; is a sessional teacher in the ECE degree program at George Brown College and is an advisor to the Early Childhood Development-Funders Working Group.


Selected major publications as author and/or principal researcher/writer:

McCuaig K. & Akbari, E. (2017). The early childhood education report 2017. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

McCuaig, K., Janmohamed, Z., K. Akbari, E., Gananthan, R. (in press). StrongStart Evaluation. British Columbia, Ministry of Education. Victoria, British Columbia.

McCuaig, K., Dheuy E. (2016). Child Care in New Brunswick: The social and economic impacts. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

McCuaig, K. (2016). “Prevention Science and Early Education” in The SAGE Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Early Childhood Education. Eds. Donna Couchenour, J. Kent Chrisman.  Pp. 1077 -1080

McCuaig, K, Akbari, E., Bertrand, J. (2016). “The role of public policies in promoting equity in early childhood.”  In Global Report on Early Childhood Development. Global Consultative Group. Ed. Abbie Raikes.

McCuaig, K., Dheuy E., Janmohamed, Z., Akbari, E.,  (2015). Feasibility Study of Universal Affordable Daycare in the Northwest Territories. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

Janmohamed, Z., McCuaig, K., Akbari, E., Gananathan, R., & Jenkins, J. (2014). Schools at the Centre: Findings from Case Studies Exploring Seamless Early Learning in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

McCuaig K. & Akbari, E. (2014). The early childhood education report: Its time for preschool. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

McCuaig, K (October 2, 2013) Getting it Right from the Start:  The Scientific, Social and Economic Rationale for Investing in Early Childhood Education. Paper presented to Yukon departments of Education, Health and Social Services and the Women’s Directorate, Whitehorse, Canada.

McCuaig, K. (May 29, 2013) Supporting All Children To Reach The Most Vulnerable. Paper presented to the Commission of Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Phoenix Sinclair. Winnipeg, Manitoba

McCuaig, K. (September 12, 2012) Quebec’s early childhood policy. Paper presented to II Symposia Internacional de Desenvolvimento da Primeira Infância, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

McCuaig, K. (June 6, 2012) Influencing public policy:  The challenges and successes of Toronto First Duty. Paper presented to Models of EC Services International Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

McCuaig, K. (2012). Serving all children to catch the most vulnerable. Healthcare Quarterly, 15 Special Issue (4), 26-31

McCain, M., Mustard, M., & McCuaig, K. (2011). Early years study 3: Making decisions, taking action. Toronto: Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation.

Selected Presentations:

Mothers and Others: Child care as an equity measure, Global Need for Formal Child Care Symposium, McGill University,  Montreal.  August 11, 2017

Canadian trends in ECE Play based Learning,
NWT JK/K Play-based In-Service and Training, Yellowknife, May 16-19, 2017

Canadian trends in early education: Learnings for British Columbia. Presentation to the Aboriginal Education Provincial Gathering. Richmond, British Columbia. November 3, 2016

Quality standards in ECEC programming: Lessons from Canada. Presentation to the OECD ECEC Network, Luxembourg. November 3, 2016.

Lessons from the Assembly. Keynote to the Ensemble for Education – 1st Early Childhood Education Action Congress. Paris, France. McCuaig, K. (June 6-7, 2016).

McCuaig, K. (September 7-10, 2015). Monitoring outcomes in ECEC policy. EECERA Annual Conference: Innovation, Experimentation & Adventure in Early Childhood. Barcelona, Spain.

McCuaig, K. (September 29, 2014). Advancing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Agenda. Canada's Public Policy Forum. Toronto.

McCuaig, K. (June 24, 2014). Creating a Good Life for Children through Quality Early Childhood Education. Presentation to the Conference of Ministers for Children, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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