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Michal Perlman

Tel: (416) 978-0956
Email: michal.perlman@utoronto.ca

Michal’s research program revolves around two sets of questions. One attempts to identify constructs that determine quality in child care settings, developing empirically based measures of those constructs and linking child care quality to child outcomes. The other line of research focuses on understanding the origins of young children's conflict behaviours, with particular emphasis on children's perspective taking. Recently, she has begun merging these research areas by studying perspective taking and conflict resolution in child care centres. She is interested in both basic and applied research. She is also interested in the use of diverse research methodologies and is involved in research that addresses micro-level social processes based on intensive observational data as well as large-scale-survey research studies. Finally Michal is interested in public policy for children and is cross-appointed at U of T’s School of Public Policy and Governance.

Representative publications

Prime, H., Perlman, M., Tackett, J.L., Jenkins, J. (accepted). The Use of Thin-Slicing as a Method of Coding Observational Data: A Comparison With Micro-Coding. Early Education and Development.

Karoly, L.A., Zellman, G.L., Perlman, M. (accepted). Understanding Variation in Classroom Quality Within Early Childhood Centers: Evidence from Colorado's Quality Rating and Improvement System. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Perlman, M. & Fletcher, B. (2012). Hellos and how are yous: predictors and correlates of communication between staff and families during morning drop-off in child care centers. Early Education and Development, 23 (4), 539-557.

Perlman, M. Garfinkel, D. & Turrell, S.L. (2007). Sibling and parent influences on the quality of children's conflict behaviours across the preschool period. Social Development.

Le, V., Perlman, M., Zellman, G. & Hamilton, L. (2006). Measuring Child-Staff Ratios in Child Care Centers: Balancing Effort and Representatives. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 21(3), 267-279.

Zellman, G & Perlman, M. (2006). Reconceptualizng the role of parents' involvement in their children's child care providers. Early Child Development and Care, 176(5), 521-538.

Perlman, M. & Ross, H. S. (2005). If-Then scripts in conflict behaviors of two- and four-year-old siblings. Merrill Palmer Quarterly, 51(1), 42-66.

Perlman, M., Zellman, G. & Le, V. (2004). Examining the psychometric properties of the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ECERS-R). Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 19(3), 398-412.

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