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Xi Chen-Bumgardner

Tel: (416) 978-0970
Email: xi.chen.bumgardner@utoronto.ca

Dr. Chen-Bumgardner is an associate professor (DPE) in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development (AP&HD), OISE, University of Toronto. Her research focuses on bilingual children's language and literacy development. So far her research has examined Chinese-English bilinguals, Spanish-English bilinguals, and children in French immersion programs. She is interested in how children develop language and literacy skills (e.g. morphological awareness, phonological awareness, orthographic processing, visual perception and memory, vocabulary, word reading, and reading comprehension) simultaneously in their first language and second language, and how these skills transfer between the two languages.

Representative publications

Luo, Y., Chen, X., Deacon, H., Zhang, J. & Yin, L. (accepted). The role of visual processing in learning to read Chinese characters. Scientific Studies of Reading.

Anderson, R. C., Ku, Y.-M., Li, W., Chen, X. Wu, X., & Shu, H. (accepted). Learning to see the patterns in Chinese characters. Scientific Studies of Reading.

Chen, X., Ramirez, G., Luo, Y., Geva, E. & Ku, Y.-M. (in press). Comparing vocabulary development in Spanish- and Chinese-Speaking ELLs: The effects of metalinguistic and sociocultural factors. Reading and Writing.

Lam, K., Chen, X., Geva, E., Luo, Y. & Li, H. (in press). The effects of morphological awareness development on reading achievement in young English Language Learners (ELLs): A longitudinal study. Reading and Writing.

Hao, M., Chen, X., Dronjic, V., Shu, H. & Anderson, R. C. (in press). Chinese children’s development of morphological awareness. Applied Psycholinguistics.

Deacon, H. S., Chen, X., Luo, Y., & Ramirez, G. (in press). Changing relationships between orthographic processing and reading: Contrasting Chinese-English and Spanish-English bilingual children. Journal of Research in Reading.

Lamont, J., Girolametto, L., Johnson, C. J., Cleave, P.L. & Chen, X. (2011). Parent assessment of emergent literacy for preschoolers with language disorders: Monolingual English versus dual language learners. Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 35, 286-298.

Chen, X. & Luo, Y. (2011). Introduction to the Special Issue of Writing Systems Research on Linguistic and Cognitive Factors in Reading Chinese. Writing Systems Research, 3, 1-4.

Li, Y., Li, W., Chen, X., Anderson, R. C., Zhang, J., Shu, H., & Jiang, W. (2011). The role of tone awareness and Pinyin knowledge in Chinese reading. Writing Systems Research, 3, 59-68.

Luo, Y., Chen, X., Deacon, H., & Li, H. (2011). Development of Chinese orthographic processing: A cross-cultural perspective. Writing Systems Research, 3, 69-86.

Ramirez, G., Chen, X., Geva, E., & Luo, Y. (2011) Morphological awareness and word reading in ELLs: Evidence from Spanish- and Chinese-speaking children. Applied Psycholinguistics, 32, 601-618.

Pasquarella, A., Chen, X., Lam, K., Luo, Y., & Ramirez, G. (2011). Cross-language transfer of morphological awareness in Chinese-English bilinguals. Journal of Research in Reading, 34, 23-42.

Wise, N. & Chen, X. (2010). At-Risk readers in French immersion: Early identification and early intervention. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 13, 128-149.

Cleave, P., Girolametto, L. E., Chen, X., & Johnson, C. J. (2010). Narrative abilities in monolingual and dual language learning children with specific language impairment. Journal of Communication Disorders, 43, 511-522.

Chen, X., Fen, X., Nguyen, T-K., Hong, G., & Wang, Y. (2010). Effects of cross-language transfer on first language phonological awareness and literacy skills in Chinese children receiving English instruction. Journal of Educational Psychology, 102, 712-728.

Pile, E. S., Girolametto, L. E., Johnson, C. J., Chen, X., & Cleave, P. (2010). Shared book reading intervention for children with language impairment: Randomized clinical trial. Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 34, 96-109.

Ramirez, G., Chen, X., Geva, E., & Kiefer, H. (2010). Morphological awareness in Spanish-English bilingual children: Within and cross-Language effects on word reading. Reading and Writing, 23, 337-358.

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