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Zeenat Janmohamed, PhD.

Tel: (416) 415-5000 ext 2342
Email: zjanmoha@georgebrown.ca

Zeenat Janmohamed is the Chair of the School of Social and Community Services and Deaf and Deafblind Studies at George Brown College, having held faculty positions in School of Early Childhood, the Atkinson Centre at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and the Eric Jackman Institute of Child Studies at the University of Toronto. 

Zeenat leads the the Early Childhood Cognitive Sensitivity Training Study, a collaboration between George Brown College, the City of Toronto’s Children’s Services Division and the Atkinson Centre at University of Toronto. The research will develop and deliver an innovative model of professional learning on cognitive sensitivity to improve the skills of ECE.

Her most recent study investigates the impact of full day kindergarten and extended day programs on educators, families and school administration. Her expertise examines the implementation of ideas related to diversity, equity and difference. Her research aims to examine how diversity is explored in training, policy and practice. 

Zeenat completed her PhD in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at OISE, University of Toronto.

Representative publications

Janmohamed, Z., McCuaig, K., Akbari, E., Gananathan, R., & Jenkins, J. (2014). Schools at the centre: Findings from case studies exploring seamless early learning in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

Janmohamed, Z. (2014). Early childhood education professional education strategy. Report prepared for Ministry of Education. Yellowknife, North West Territories. Government of the North West Territories.

Janmohamed, Z. (2013).  When queer enters early childhood teacher training:  What’s so inappropriate about that?  In V. Pacini-Ketchabaw & L. Pence (Eds). Re-situating Canadian Early Childhood Education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Janmohamed, Z., Pelletier, J., & Corter, C. (2011).  Toronto First Duty, Phase 3:  The BruceWoodgreen Case Study.  Toronto, ON: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

Arimura, T. N., Corter, C., Pelletier, J. Janmohamed, Z., Patel, S., Ioannone, P.,  & Mir, S. (2011). Schools as integrated hubs for young children and families.  A Canadian experiment in community readiness: the Toronto First Duty project.   In D. M. Laverick & M. Jalongo (Eds.), Transitions to Early Care and Education: International Perspectives on Making Schools Ready for Young Children. Springer International, 189-202.

Janmohamed, Z. (Fall, 2010). Queering early childhood studies: Challenging the discourse of developmentally appropriate practice. The Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 57(3), 304-318.

Janmohamed, Z. & Pelletier, J. (2010). Implementing early learning programs in Ontario schools. The Register, 12 (2).

Janmohamed, Z. (2010). Early childhood educators in Ontario schools: A new partnership with teachers. ETFO Voice, May.

Corter, C., Pelletier, J., Janmohamed, Z., Bertrand, J., Arimura, T., Patel, S., Mir, S., Wilton, A. & Brown, D. (2009). Toronto First Duty Phase Two: Final research report. Toronto: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development.

Janmohamed, Z. & Campbell, R. (2009). Building bridges: Queer families in early childhood education. Toronto: Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/University of Toronto.

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