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COVID-19 Related Important Information


Last Updated: September 8, 2020 2:00PM EST
Updated Section(s):
  • UCheck

Please visit this page for important updates, documentation, and useful links from the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer. As with all things COVID-19 related, the information on this page may change and be updated as new information becomes available, or directives from the University of Toronto or Public Health agencies change.

University of Toronto COVID-19 Response Information and Resources

OISE Return to Building Video

This is an instructional video that summarizes many of the new protocols and procedures in place at OISE to ensure the health and safety of those who are on-site. All building users are encouraged to view the video before coming on-site.


OISE Entry to Building Online Booking Tool

Please note: OISE faculty, staff, and students who wish to visit the OISE Building will need to pre-book their visit using this online tool (a utoronto Office 365 account is required). Bookings can be made in advance, or on the day of depending on the available occupancy.
On-site visitors will need to sign-in and sign-out with the online tool, instructions are posted at point of entry and exit. The online form can be accessed using any internet enabled device. If you do not have a device that can connect to the internet, OISE Security can assist you with sign-in and sign-out using the log book.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been compiled by OISE Community members, with questions specific to our operations at OISE. For a more in-depth FAQ on the University of Toronto’s response to the corornavirus pandemic, please refer to https://www.utoronto.ca/utogether2020/faqs

  • How do I pick up my UT mask? Do I need to come to UT just to pick up my masks?
    • Masks for Faculty and Staff at OISE can be picked up from OISE Security when you are on-site, between the hours of 10am to 1pm. You will need to provide your UTORID for mask pickup. Please do not make a special trip to campus for the sole purpose of picking up your masks. Instructions for student masks are available here: https://www.utoronto.ca/utogether2020/where-to-pick-up-face-mask
  • How do I know the building capacity and to book a time for trip to my office for things like picking up files in my office?
    • The online booking tool will have information on the numbers of ACE classroom users in the building and the number of available spots for the desired timeslot.
  • Can I book meetings in the building?
    • Virtual and/or video conferencing meeting tools should be used for meetings. In the event that a face-to-face meeting is required please contact your department/unit business officer or manager. All face-to-face meetings in the building need to be pre-approved, booked and coordinated. For more details please refer to the OISE Standard Operating Procedures on Room Bookings.
  • How do I enter the building? Is the door connecting to TTC open?
    • Entry to the building is from the West Corridor. Please review the building access and entry information as well as the instructional video available on the OISE CAO – COVID-19 Related Information and Resources web page. The TTC St. George Subway entrance to the concourse level is closed until further notice. TTC users will need to exit the station and enter the building from the West Corridor.
  • Can I use elevators?
    • Elevators can be used, however the maximum occupancy per elevator cab is 2 occupants. Please give priority to those with mobility or other accessibility needs.
  • How do I use stairwells at this time?
    • The stairwells can be used to travel between floors, and should be used when possible to travel only a few floors. Signage has been posted at all stairwells to remind users to yield to on-coming traffic in the stairwells (in order to maintain physical distancing) and building users are also reminded to wear a mask or face covering when using the stairwells. For traveling between the 1st and 4th floors, please use the West Stairwell.
  • What is the University cleaning and disinfecting strategies at this time?
    • The University or Toronto caretaking and cleaning strategy is available at this link.
  • How I do book an appointment with department, staff/faculty member?
    • Please email the party you wish to make an appointment with. Meetings should be held virtually or using available video conferencing tools.
  • Can I access to Lab 6 to use computers there?
    • Lab 6 is available for students on reduced occupancy. To book a spot in Lab 6, please visit this link.
  • Can I access the building via parking garage?
    • Building users who are using the OISE parking garage will need to first use the parking elevators to come to the main floor to sign in with building security.
  • Are building facilities open? What are the hours of the building?
    • Building facilities are open on a limited capacity. All washrooms have been designated single use. Room capacity and furniture placement has been updated as per physical distancing requirements.
    • Entry to the OISE Building is between the hours of 7:00am to 8:00pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Do we need to provide documentation to security when coming to the office? or What documentation do we need to present to the security?
    • Building users will need to use the online booking tool to pre-book their visit.
    • When you are on-site, there is an online sign-in and sign-out form available when using QR codes and website link. OISE Security will be assisting with managing traffic flow into the building. Users will need to show their booking confirmation email to OISE Security when entering the building.
  • Are face masks only required when people need to be in close proximity? When is it okay to take off the mask? If I am not able to wear a face mask, are there alternatives? When is it okay to take off the mask?
  • If I see someone not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing, what should I do?
  • If I am exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, who should I contact?


The University of Toronto has introduced a self-assessment web portal, UCheck, that allows faculty members, librarians, staff and students to complete a quick and thorough self assessment before coming to campus. As of September 8, 2020, UCheck is available for the U of T community at ucheck.utoronto.ca on computers, smartphones, and tablets. We highly encourage all individuals to use UCheck every time they plan to be on campus to help keep our community healthy and safe. More details and FAQs on how to use UCheck are available at utoronto.ca/utogether2020/ucheck

OISE Return to On-Site Work Guidelines

This document is a framework for all staff and faculty at OISE on the policies, procedures and protocols we will follow as we transition back to working on-site.

OISE Return To On-Site Work Guidelines Document
[Revised August 21, 2020]

COVID Related OISE Processes

These standard operating procedures are specifically related to modified operating procedures and protocols due to COVID. All visitors to OISE are encouraged to review these SOPs before visiting the building.

Best Practices for Personal Protection

Requesting Protective Barriers

Building Entry and Access

Mail and Deliveries

Reporting COVID Cases

Reporting Deficiencies and Non-Compliance

Room Bookings

OISE Common Areas Planning Document

This document is an assessment of the protocols and procedures put in place for all common / public areas at OISE to ensure compliance with University of Toronto Environment and Health Services policies as well as Public Health directives.

OISE Common Areas Planning Document (General Assessment Tool)

Useful Links

Below you will find links to other University of Toronto web pages related to the pandemic response

Departmental COVID Related Planning Tools

These are links to the departmental or unit specific planning tools (General Assessment Tool  or GAT) that have been developed for the specific floors or areas occupied by each department or business unit. For further information in department specific plans, please reach out to the appropriate Departmental Business Officer or Unit Manager.

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