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Bringing together the systems, the procedures, and the users.

This newsletter, with its monthly editions, will capture FIS, HRIS, UofT/OISE Policies and Procedures, Tips and Tricks, and recent news regarding UofT.


Newsletter Topics





July 2017

- Absence Summary Report

- Commitment Accounting Assignments Report


- Overhead Calculation

- Excel function SUMIFS

- CUPE 3902 (Unit 5) increase in salaries retroactive May 31, 2017

- FYI Travel Policy - Premium Air Economy






August 2017

- Payroll Reservation Overdraft Report

- Submit Multiple FIS and HRIS Reports in Background

- A/R Open Item Aging Report

- What are Variants and when to create them in FIS/HRIS

- Statutory Holiday Pay Calculation for Casuals

- HST Exempt and HST Zero-rated

- Excel—Subtotal feature

- Absence Batch Upload—Correct Input Errors





September 2017

- USW Grid Placement/Progression Report

- Earmarked Funds/Manual Reserves—Create, Change, Complete

- Budget to Plan Reconciliation

- FI Posting: Line Item vs All Posting: Line Item Reports

- Upload a document to FIS

- Budget Changes (Transfer, Supplements, and Returns)

- Create drop-down lists in Excel

- Policies and Procedures links





October 2017

- Employee Basic Pay Report

- Budget Movement Report for Fund Center

- Total Funding Activity Report

- Research Funds Summary Report

- Create and Finalize Purchase Orders

- Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Program

- Excel feature: Finding duplicate values

- Policies and Procedures links





November 2017

- Payroll Distribution Report

- Cheques Payable to Person Processing Report

- Financial Transaction Exception Report

- Monthly Customer Statement F&S Report

- One Time Only (OTO) Accounts

- Purchasing Cycle at UofT

- Excel — Pivot Tables





December 2017

- Difference between “PO only” and “A/P only” Accounts

- Changes to Revenue Tax Codes

- Updating Lease Purchase Orders for New Fiscal Year

- Expense Reimbursement Dual Currency

- Excel: Transpose a Table

- Dates and Deadlines for Holiday Closures

- Ancillary Fees due to OISE Finance





Excel Edition


- Subtotal Feature

- Create drop-down lists

- Finding duplicate values

- Pivot Tables

- Transpose a Table





March 2018

- Determine the Status of Cheques, Foreign Drafts, and Electronic Fund Transfers

- Payout Rate for Internal Course Releases

- Standard Benefits Rate

- Policy: Documentation for Presto Charges

- Microsoft Outlook: Create and Assign Colour Categories

- Casual Employees: Emergency Leaves Update

- Year-End Memo

- FAST Expense Reimbursement Checklist





April 2018

- SAF Find Function (interactive video)

- Finding the Exchange Rate in FIS

- HRIS Reporting  Updates:

¨ Position Status by Org Unit Report

¨ Infotype Updates Audit Log Report

¨ Employee Basic Pay Details Report

¨ Employee Profile per Org Unit Report

¨ Monitoring of Task Report

      - Year-End Deadlines    


If you have any comments or suggestions for a topic to be featured in the next newsletter, please email Rushain Abbasi.

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