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Implementing UofT's Policies and Procedures in the Office

General Rules for Processing

  • Confirm that the Cost Center/Internal Order is correctly linked to the Funds Center on the document.
  • The G/L Account must be in accordance with the respective transaction
  • Ensure all payables/forms/processed documents have proper authorization (ie. contact names, authorized signatures, dates) and backup documentation.
  • Ensure that all cheques are deposited in a timely manner.
  • Write document number for all processed transactions on respective forms.
  • Ensure segregation of duties in terms of creation of forms and processing of transactions 


Recommended Guidelines and Procedures for Various Transaction Types

Journal Entries
(ie. Debit Memos)
  • Includes internal revenues/expense recoveries and corrections to information in the FIS system; Internal Revenues/Recoveries redistribute cash already in the University’s bank account
  • Make sure that there are both debit and credit transactions that offset one another
Certified Invoices
  • For purchases of goods under $5,000
  • Ensure that the invoice has all the information necessary for payment processing:

       o    Full name and mailing address of payee

       o    HST Registration Number if HST is charged.

       o    Goods/Services are clearly identified and described: quantities, prices, delivery dates(s).

Expense Reimbursements
  • Reimbursements are done for out-of-pocket, university business, travel, and related expenses that are legitimate, reasonable, and appropriate for the business activity undertaken
  • Expenses must be personally incurred by the claimant
  • Original receipts from suppliers must support all expense reimbursement claim items, except for per diem claims where applicable
  • All reimbursement claims from University funds require the claimant’s and approver’s signature (approval should be on a one up basis)
  • Business officers must not process their own expense reimbursement forms
Purchase Orders
  • Purchase orders are required for goods/services of $5,000 or more
  • Preconditions for issuing payment to a supplier: the goods/services have been received, the buying department is satisfied with the goods, the invoice for these goods is accurate, and written approval has been provided
  • Ensure that only items received/consumed are paid for at a fair price
T4A Payments (Canadian Residents)
  • Process in FIS: Total payment is under $500 in calendar year. Okay not to report on the T4A slip.
  • Process in HRIS: Total amount of the payment is greater or equal to $500 in a calendar year. Payment must be reported on a T4A slip.


Records Management and the UofT File Plan 

  • Should include: the original document form and backup to support the original documentation
  • Responsibility to maintain a File Plan rests with the “selling” (recovering) department
  • Documents included in the current fiscal year should be kept in the “Active” files storage
  • At the change of fiscal years, the previous documentation should be stored in a “semi-active” area (secure on-site storage area or off-site storage facility) for an additional 6 fiscal years
  • After the 6 fiscal years, the documents should be destroyed 


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