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Teaching stipends are transferred to the departmental academic salary account on a session basis. A stipend template, which includes the allocation for the year, is forwarded to the Business Officers at the beginning of each session.

Contact oise.finance@utoronto.ca with questions about stipend budget transfers.



Instructions for completing the Stipends Template             
Deadline Dates             
Summer Aug 31st            
Fall Oct 31st            
Winter Jan 31st            
Summary worksheet             
No manual entries are required on the summary worksheet.  The appropriate cells will be calculated based on inputs to the summer, fall and winter worksheets.             
Summer/Fall/Winter Worksheets             
All stipends are to be recorded on the template effective May, 2012.             
The Faculty Active/retired classification of appointment column has been split into the following:             
Emeritus (retired)             
Faculty (overload)             
New categories added for the 2012-13 fiscal year are:             
Additional OTO stats -funds provided divisionally       
Departmental Transfers in/-out - This row is to be used when transferring a divisionally funded stipend, not classified as overload stipend, from one OISE department to another.  Funds are to be transferred using the Stipends Template and not by debit memo.  Indicate in the appropriate session worksheet a negative number reflecting a reduction in your department's total divisional allocation if you are the teaching department.  The department providing the instruction should indicate a positive number in the appropriate session worksheet.
External Sources - No funds provided divisionally, for information purposes only eg. grant, other university department             

Step-by-step instructions             
1.  Complete the course, program and instructor columns under the appropriate category using either the Summer, Fall or Winter worksheet.
2.  Should you require additional lines, insert the number of rows and then drag the formulas to ensure the numbers are captured in the totals.  If you are unsure how to do this, please contact oise.finance.@utoronto.ca for assistance.        
3.  Indicate the fte in the corresponding classification of appointment column eg. SL1, SL2 etc.           
4.  Provide comments, if necessary, in the final column.   Indicate here if one of your stipend instructors is entitled to the grandparented amount prior to CUPE 3902-3.       
5.  The summary sheet will automatically update based on the information entered in the Summer, Fall and Winter worksheets.       
6.  Submit to Carol Oblak for approval.

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