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Emergency - Building


Emergency Contacts | Examples of what is considered a building emergency | Building Evacuation Procedures | Parking garage and Bedford Ave Lot


Emergency Contacts


First Contact Andrew Maksymiw 416-978-0031
Second Contact Elizabeth Broccoli 416-978-0787
Third Contact Security 416-978-3636


The following list of items are considered emergencies:


  • Electrical - electrical outlet that is normally used is not working
  • Elevators - reporting elevator malfunctions
  • Floods/Water Leaks - ceiling leaks, toilets
  • Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - too cold, too hot
  • Locks - doors not locking, closures not working properly




What to do if you discover a fire:


  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Report the fire to Campus Police (416-978-2222) and give the exact location of the smoke or fire .
  3. Attempt to extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely.
  4. Please refrain from using the fire hoses.
  5. Evacuate the fire area immediately and close the door behind you.
  6. Activate the nearest wall-mounted fire alarm.
  7. Proceed to the NEAREST exit and evacuate the building.
  8. Avoid using the elevators.
  9. Leave the building by the nearest safe exit.


OISE Emergency Wardens

Please see the link below to find the list of Emergency Wardens at OISE:

Emergency Wardens





Symbol for fire



  • Stay Calm
  • When the building evacuation fire alarm is sounded, please take your coat, keys and personal valuables with you.  Close and lock the doors and walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same
  • Proceed to the NEAREST fire exit
  • Evacuate the building quickly and completely
  • Please DO NOT use elevators
  • If stairs become unusable, exit the stairwell you are in and go to the closest Cross-Over Floor * (11th 9th and 4th floors)
  • DO NOT carry food or drink in the stairwells
  • Assist persons who may experience difficulty in exiting the building
  • DO NOT gather in the building lobby or obstruct the exit path
  • Proceed to a safe location away from the building
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until the alarm stops and you are notified by Fire Prevention or person with authority to do so (eg. Emergency Warden.  Each floor has at least 2 wardens who wear yellow vests during emergencies)
  • Once outside, move to a clear area at least 500 feet away from the affected building.  There are 3 areas in which the OISE Commnity can convene:                  1)OISE Parkette                  2)North side on Bloor St, west side of the building        3) South side on Prince Arthur, east of the building
  • Keep clear of roads, fire routes, hydrants, and walkways for emergency vehicles and personnel





Mobility impaired symbol

Mobility Impaired Persons


  • If on ground floor, exit building by normal means, by west door and proceed south to accessible ramp
  • If above or below the ground floor, do the following:
  • Telephone Campus Police at 8-2222 from nearest internal phone or 416-978-2222 from your cell phone
  • Identify yourself to the campus police dispatcher, state that the fire alarm in the OISE building is sounding and that you are mobility impaired and cannot leave your floor area.  If you smell smoke, or are in immediate danger, inform the dispatcher
  • Provide your exact location - Floor and Room Number
  • Provide the Phone number and extension you are calling from.  Your information will be relayed to emergency response personnel who are en route or on the scene
  • Remain by the phone and follow the instructions of the dispatcher
  • If the conditions at your location deteriorate (any increased danger or hazard), call the dispatcher immediately with an update
  • The information you provide to the Campus Police is immediately relayed to all emrgecny personnel who are on route or on scene
  • Toronto Fire Services will facilitate your evacuation if your safety is compromised
















Symbol for fire

Course Instructors and OISE Faculty


  • The Instructor/facilitator present in the classroom is responsible for ensuring that the occupants in the classroom evacuate the building when the alarm sounds
  • Familiarize yourself with the exit routes from your classroom to the nearest stairwell and the nearest fire pull station
  • Evacuate the classroom and close the door
  • Direct all occupants to the nearest stairwell exit
  • Evacuate the building quickly and completely
  • DO NOT use elevators
  • If stairs become unusable, direct students to the Cross-Over Floors * (11th, 9th, and 4th floors)
  • Ask the students TO NOT carry food or drink into the stairwells
  • DO NOT gather in the building lobby or obstruct the exit path
  • After exiting the building, direct students away from the building and proceed to a safe location
  • DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by Fire Prevention or persons with authority, such as Emergency Warden for your floor




































*Cross-Over Floors (aka re-entry fire doors) were developed in order to allow evacuees to exit one stairwell, proceed through the hallway, to re-enter another stairwell.  This system was developed as a contingency plan should a problem occur in any given stairwell such as smoke, fire, blockage, heavy foor traffic, etc.   




There are emergency assistance (red) push buttons located throughout all levels of the Parking Garage which will connect you directly to the U of T Police.

There is a code blue station (tall red pole with bright blue light) located near the entrance to othe Bedford Avenue parking lot, close to the north-west corner of the Faculty of Social Work building.  In case of emergency, pushing the button will connect you directly to the U of T Police, and is available 24/7.


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