Research Colloquium 2023

 Date Presenter Title Abstract Slides 
 Jan. 16

Shawna-Kaye Tucker

University of Toronto

Writing Development in Creole Contexts:

A Study of Primary School Students, Teachers, and Contextual Factors

 Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Jan. 23

Max Antony-Newman

Sheffield Hallam University UK

An asset-based approach to immigrant parents: From plurilingual parenting to curriculum orientations Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Jan. 30

Gary Fogal

Sophia University

Tokyo, Japan

Investigating school-based L2 learning: Mapping out the educational landscape

 Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 06

Zhaozhe Wang

OISE-University of Toronto

International Multilingual Writers’ Literacy Practices of Difference and Ecological Affordances Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 13

Peter MacIntyre

Cape Breton University

Dynamics of Emotions in L2 (or L3) Communication Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 27

Angelica Galante

McGill University


“It’s not about allowing other languages. It’s a basic human right”: Teachers’ and students’ perceptions of plurilingual pedagogies in Canada and Brazil

 Abstract  Slides YouTube
 Mar. 06

Sunny Man Chu Lau

Bishop’s University 


Integrated plurilingual teaching and learning for critical literacies and intercultural education

 Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Mar. 20

M. Carmen Fonseca Mora

Universidad de Huelva


Musical aptitude and foreign language learning Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Mar. 27

Jim Slotta

OISE-University of Toronto

Knowledge, Community and Inquiry: A model for collective inquiry in technology-enhanced classrooms

 Abstract SlidesYouTube