Informal Seminar Series


March 4: Katherine Brubacher – Exploring the Boundaries of Emotion and Language: Elementary School Newcomers with Emerging Print Literacy as Co-researchers (Video Link)

January 31: Ameni Benali – The effectiveness of second language teacher education programs in changing pre-service teachers’ beliefs


November 1: Elizabeth Bolton – What does writing do? Changing the prespective on transformational literacy practices

December 13: A. C. Parker – Language Considerations to Think About when Observing and Interacting with Young Children 

March 14: Maria Vamvalis – Centering ‘Contemplative Criticality’ in Citizenship Education 


August 31: Edgar Andrés Valencia Acuña – Response Styles in Student Evaluation of Teaching

September 8: Mona El Samaty – Is the full potential of educated immigrants in Canada being realized?

September 14: Danielle Freitas – Plurilingual Pedagogies in Language Teacher Education: Rethinking TESL/TESOL Programs

September 28: Mama Adobea Nii Owoo – Bilingual learning spaces: Lessons from using WhatsApp videos in a Ghanaian rural context

October 12: Jinsuk Yang – English Education and Social Reproduction: An Ethnography of Adolescents in a Korean Public School

November 9: Brigid Kelso – The co-construction of age identity in intergenerational interactions

November 23: Nazila Eisazadeh & Shakina Rajendram – Drawing on Children’s Funds of Knowledge through Digital Storytelling

December 7: Steven Leigh – The SegSylPro Approach to Opera Lyric Diction Instruction in a Young Artists

January 18: Wales Wong – Written narratives by adult Chinese plurilingual students: Participants’ perceptions of code-switching and the (re)shaping of identity

February 1: Jennifer Burton – Positioning of South Korean Students at a Canadian University: “ESL Title is Pretty Embarrassing”

April 12: Kendra Staley – Transforming Stereotypes, Classism, Racism & Misogyny through Social Media

April 26: Yecid Ortega – Epistemologies of the south: A cosmovision approach to frame social justice and peacebuilding in language(s) teaching and research