Informal Seminars 2017 (fall)


Thursday, Dec. 7th 4:00 PM in 10-148

The SegSylPro Approach to Opera Lyric Diction Instruction in a Young Artists Program 

Steven Leigh
Thursday, Nov. 23rd 4:00 PM in 10-148

Drawing on Children’s Funds of Knowledge through Digital Storytelling

Nazila Eisazadeh & Shakina Rajendram

Thursday, Nov. 9th 4:00 PM in 10-148

The co-construction of age identity in intergenerational interactions 

Brigid Kelso

Thursday, Oct. 12th 4:00 PM in 10-148

English Education and Social Reproduction: An Ethnography of Adolescents in a Korean Public School 

Jinsuk Yang

Response Styles in Student Evaluation of Teaching

Edgar Andrés Valencia Acuña

Thursday, Sept. 28th 4:00 PM in 10-148

Bilingual learning spaces: Lessons from using WhatsApp videos in a Ghanaian rural context

Mama Adobea Nii Owoo

Thursday, Sept. 14th 4:30 PM in 10-148

Plurilingual Pedagogies in Language Teacher Education: Rethinking TESL/TESOL Programs

Danielle Freitas

Friday, Sept. 8th 4 PM in 10-148

Is the full potential of educated immigrants in Canada being realized?

Mona El Samaty

Thursday, Aug. 31st 4 PM in 10-148

Response Styles in Student Evaluation of Teaching 

Edgar Andrés Valencia Acuña