Past Research Projects

The LINCDIRE Project

Dr. Enrica Piccardo (OISE) & Dr. Geoff Lawrence (York University) Dr. Alaine Germain-Rutherford (University of Ottawa) & Dr. Angelica Galante (McGill University)

LINCDIRE, LINguistic and Cultural DIversity Reinvented, was a 3-year collaborative SSHRC research project between Canada, USA, and France designed to formalize and solidify an international network focusing on linguistic and cultural awareness, and to develop an online environment to foster plurilingualism in North America. The goal of LINCDIRE was to form a partnership among institutions with expertise in different languages and cultures that could allow for the development of a plurilingual theoretical framework. The project included the design and implementation of a digital environment – Language Integration through E-portfolio (LITE) – which is still being used in language classrooms in secondary and post-secondary institutions to enhance and maintain diversity by interconnecting a plurality of languages and cultures. By networking across institutions that have knowledge in language education, LINCDIRE has become a leading voice in the theory and practice of plurilingualism.

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