Plurilingually Speaking Podcasts

CERLL is proud to announce that it has launched a podcast series this year, entitled “Plurilingually Speaking.” This is podcast series was created as a platform to engage in meaningful conversations with the leading academics and researchers in the Languages and Literacies field. 

The purpose of these podcasts is to inform our listeners about the newest developments, trends, and research in the field of languages and literacies. It is a platform where new ideas and perspectives will be shared and discussed and provide insights into what the guest has already accomplished. The podcast will also provide an opportunity to learn about the various members of the community and give our listeners a chance to connect with them on a personal level.  We hope to unite people over their interest in languages and literacies through these podcasts and create a dynamic community of listeners.

Our guests hail from different parts of the world, and we want the conversations to truly reflect the increasingly plurilingual nature of the world. Some of our episodes may also be conducted in a more than one language and will give our listeners a truly plurilingual experience. 

The podcast episodes will be released throughout the summer (on Fridays) on ( Spotify & Apple podcasts (search: Plurilingually speaking). Our first episode featuring Dr. Mateo Santipolo (University of Padua) was released on June 11 and our next episode features Dr. Maddalena de Carlo (University of Cassino) on June 25. 

Stephanie Shuler and Mauran Manogaran, the hosts and producers of Plurilingually Speaking, say to be on the look-out for our CERLL 2021 Plurilingually Speaking podcast speaker lineup.

Thank you for listening to Plurilingually Speaking! We hope you will tune in to all of our episodes!