Research Colloquium 2021

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Jan 19 

Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman    

University of Toronto

The need for evidence-based strategies to navigate the changed linguistic landscapes
in education.
Jan 26

Ruth Childs

University of Toronto

What do we really know about university access in Ontario?

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Feb 2

Pablo Robles Garcia 

University of Toronto

How many words do L2 Spanish learners know? Lexical breadth and vocabulary learning opportunities in the L2 Spanish classroom.
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Feb 9

Stephanie Arnott

University of Ottawa 

French as a second language (FSL) research in Canada: Histories, realities and possibilities. 

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Feb 16

Clea Schmidt 

University of Manitoba 

Linguistic Diversity and Teacher Education. 

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Feb 23

Shakil Rabbi

Bowie State University

Maryland – USA

The Value of Textual Analysis for Language Research: Analyzing Plurilingual/Translingual Texts in Colonial Societies.

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Mar 2

Claudia Maria Riehl

Ludwig Maximilian Universität

München – Germany

Multiliteracy: The interrelation between writing abilities in L1 and L2 and extra-linguistic factors.

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Mar 9

Walcir Cardoso

Concordia University

Extending the reach of the L2 classroom with text-to-speech synthesizers.

Mar 23

Matteo Santipolo

University of Padua – Italy

Folk Linguistics meets Language Teaching Education: An international case study between English, Spanish and Italian and its didactic implication.

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Mar 30


Elka Todeva

School for International Training 

Vermont – USA 


On Mediation and Enrichment: The Wh-Questions of Research.