Research Colloquium 2022

 Date Presenter Title Abstract Slides 
 Jan. 20

 Jeffrey Steele

 University of Toronto

The Effects of Cognitive Individual Differences on the L3 Acquisition of French Grammatical Gender: Insights from Arabic- and Mandarin-speaking Learner Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Jan. 27

 Silvia Melo-Pfeifer

 Universität Hamburg

Arts-based Research on Plurilingualism: A Focus on Initial Foreign Language Teacher Rducation Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 3

 Gabrielle Oliveira

 Harvard Graduate School of Education

Now We Are Here: Family Separation Policies at the Border and the Impacts on Immigrant Children’s Education Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 10

 Bonny Norton

 University of British Columbia

Identity, Investment, and Digital Storytelling for a Multilingual Future Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 17

 Antonella Valeo

 York University

Context Matters: The Ecology of Corrective Feedback Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Feb. 24

 Lucilla Lopriore

 Università Roma 3

Language Teacher Education in an English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) Aware Perspective: Challenges and Responses in Emerging Communities of Practice Abstract  Slides YouTube
 Mar. 3

 Jérémie Séror

 Ottawa University

Capturing Instances of Plurilingualism and the Evolution of Language Pedagogy Abstract  SlidesYouTube
 Mar. 10

 Robert Elliot

 University of Oregon

Establishing Equitable Partnerships: An Endangered Language Revitalization Mode Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Mar. 24

 Jasone Cenoz

 University of the Basque Country

Pedagogogical Translanguaging: Core Characteristics and Practices Abstract SlidesYouTube
 Mar. 31

 Mary Grantham O’Brien

 University of Calgary

Accent Bias in Canadian Contexts Abstract SlidesYouTube