Poster Session

April Passi – Transforming EAL writing instruction through translingual personal narratives: An action-research study in a cégep classroom

Gabrielle Forget – The interconnection of Ontario French immersion students’ goals, sociolinguistic development, and ongoing enrolment

Paddy Watson – Screenwriting Wor(l)ds: Analyzing How a Secondary Teacher uses Screenwriting to Cultivate Critical Literacy

Leonie Hölderle – Multilingual Language Education in German Preparatory Classes

Lu Xi – Bridging Second Language Writing and Plurilanguaging in the 21st Century Implications for Pedagogical Practices

Karen Andrews  – Can (and should) ‘translanguaging’ be included in Ontario plicy for newcomers with emerging print literacy

Li Peng – “I’m decolonizing it”: Trained teachers’ perceptions of plurilingual pedagogy and needs for
practical training

Stephen Barry/Zhe Chen – An Analysis of Bilingual and Multilingual Education in China

Esther Hey-Min Yoon – Developmental Nature of L2 Writing Teacher Expertise: A Multiple Case Study Approach

Irma Alarcon – Comparing agreement behavior in narratives told by Spanish heritage and L2 learners.

Rui Dong Chen – The implementation of translanguaging and plurilingualism on Chinese international students in a Canadian university

Anna V. Solokova Grinovievkaya – Mexican Indigenous Languages and Cultures from the University Students’ Perspective

Kevin Martens Wong – Meza Stalamintu Kristang Singapura. A Provisional Periodic Table of Elements in Singapore Kristang.

Olga Tararova – Is naturalistic acquisition the same as classroom? Acquisition of gender agreement in L3 Spanish
among L1 Russian learners.

Ian McCallum – Asiiskusiipuw “The Muddy River”

Adriana Williams – Fight fi di right fi speak! Linguistic Citizenship as Revolution in 21st century Jamaican Classrooms

Xiaoyue Chen – From Learning English to Learning Whiteness: China’s English Language Learning Has Become Whiter