Symposium 2020 Poster Section

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 Friday: 10:30-10:40 1. Aide Chen

 English Language Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Digital Technologies Abstract

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 Friday: 10:40-10:50 2. Qiongli Zhu

 Embedding Critical Literacy into Computer-Assisted Teaching Model in  China’s College English Curriculum Requirements 2007 Abstract

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 Friday: 10:40-11:00 3. Wenmin Liang

 Destination Reading Curriculum Implemented in an English Immersion  Program in China Abstract

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 Friday: 12:30-12:40  4. Rebeca Marchon  Capanema

 The Importance of Peer Scaffolding for Second Language Teaching and  Learning Abstract

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Friday: 12:40-12:50 

 5. Amy Christine Parker Plurilingual Acquisition in a Kindergarten Classroom Abstract Link to the poster
 Friday: 12:50-1:00   6. Lian Chang A Case Study Exploring Primary/Junior Teachers Knowledge and  Implementation of Literacy to Teach Vocabulary Abstract Link to the PPT slides
Friday: 1:00-1:10   7. Justine Jun

 Migrant Women Instructors in Adult English Programs in Ontario: The Impact of Staffroom Encounters and the Implications of Workplace Learning Experiences Abstract

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 Friday: 1:10-1:20  8. José Luis Ortiz Soria Transmedia Storytelling Projects in the Second Language Class Abstract Link to the poster
 Friday: 1:20-1:30   9. Sabrina Rokerya L’aménagement vers un Canada plurilingue; un système d’éducation  inclusif, collaboratif et respectueux Abstract Link to the PPT slides

 Saturday: 10:30-10:38 

10. Yunfeng Xu (James) A critical analysis of the strategic process for school improvement planning in my school context Abstract Link to the poster

 Saturday: 10:38-10:45

 11. Zhumei Lin Integrating Confucianism into Language Teaching: A Perspective of Holistic Education Abstract Link to the poster

 Saturday: 10:45-10:52


12. Ju Huang & Emily Arturi Thinking out of the box: A case study on use of multi-literacy pedagogy in ESL classroom in Ontario Abstract Link to the PPT slides

 Saturday: 10:52-10:59


13. Madeleine Myers & Nicole Paton Le Kamishibaï plurilingue : un projet pédagogique plurilingue mis en lien avec des prescriptions ministérielles Abstract Link to the PPT slides