Teatime Research Circle Talks 2020-2021

The CERLL Tea Time Research Circle, an initiative begun in 2016, aims to bring faculty, MA/MEd, PhDs, and visiting scholars together to discuss contentious and current issues in languages and literacies education and research. The CERLL Research Circle stems from CERLL’s purpose to disseminate current and relevant research practices that take place all over the world and make that research accessible.




Links to videos

 April 30, 2021 Danielle Freitas
Sheridan College (TESOL Plus and ESL programs)
Using student teachers’  cognitive-emotional contradictions as a powerful tool to support teacher learning and development during language teacher education programs

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 May 5, 2021

 Eliseo  Reategui  

Faculty of Education, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

 Sofia Garcia 
Doctoral student in Education Informatics, Federal University Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

 A technological perspective on peer review as a strategy to improve students’ writing skills

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