Teatime Research Circle Talks


March 25: Dr. Serafín M. Coronel-Molina (Indiana University) & Dr. Teresa L. McCarty (UCLA) – Indigenous Language Revitalization in the Americas (Video Link)

January 14: Shakina Rajendram, Jennifer Burton, Wales Wong & Jeff Bale – Preparing teachers to support multilingual learners through translanguaging and multiliteracies pedagogies in K-12 classrooms (Video link)


November 20: Faith Marcel – Extended Reality technologies for experiential learning in virtual language education and research


September 19: Orly Haim – Exploring the educational factors affecting literacy performance and school adjustment of multilingual immigrant students

November 6: Eliseo Reategui – Text mining as an AI technique to support reading comprehension and language learning


November 9: Cassie Brownwell – Walking in a new direction, listening in a new key: Exploring young children’s sonic compositions in a primary school

November 23: Bonny Norton – Identity, investment, and digital storybooks for a multilingual future

January 25: Shelley K. Taylor – Meeting on common ground? Professors and students navigating EMI in higher education

February 22: Rachel Heydon – Intergenerational arts practices as opportunities for (re)conceptualizing literacy curricula across the lifespan

April 5: Saskia Van Viegen – Learning with youth refugees in secondary school classrooms

June 17: Michele Gazzola & Jeff Bale – Discussing language policy and its implications

August 28: Mahmood Reza Atai – Current challenges in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


October 4: Frederike Groothoff – The advantages of part-time PhD-studies: investigating second language acquisition while being a teacher at an elementary school for second language learners

January 16: Meredith Marra – Order up! The impact of cultural hegemonies on workplace talk

March 31: Brian North – Descriptors for mediation, an undervalued concept

April 28: Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir – Why should I learn a language that is spoken by only 330,000 people? The challenge for newcomers and present inhabitants in Iceland