2021 Seminar Webcasts

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Tuesday August 31 2021

Thesis Presentation

“Second Language Writing: A Study of the Learning and Teaching of Academic Writing in a Networked Culture” – Ramesh Pokharel.

“Towards an Expanded Notion of Identity: An Engagement with Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self” – Aayah Amir.”

May 10th 2021

The Language Friendly School

Emmanuelle Le-Pichon & Ellen-Rose Kambel

May 5th 2021

Financial Education in Canadian and International Curricula: Building an Educational Perspective

Alexandre Cavalcante

April 20th 2021

“Propositions for Pedagogical Responses to Ecological Precarity”

Fikile Nxumalo

April 15th 2021

“Postsocialist International and Comparative Studies in Education”

 Sunnie Rucker-Chen & Miglena Todorova

March 25th 2021

Conceptualizing Community: From Passive Network To Powerful Protagonist In Education And Development

Elena Toukan

March 11th 2021

“Teacher Leadership in Africa and Latin America During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Carly Manion, Kerrie Proulx, Tatiana Feitosa de Britto

January 19th 2021

“CIE in the Field: Consultancy Work Experiences and Tips” 

Kara Janigan & Spogami Akseer