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Education and Global Cultural Dialogue Conference 

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Presenter      Title Biography
Craig K. Jacobsen Reconstructing the Native Speaking English Teacher in China: The Nativization of David Crook in Exile   
You Guo Jiang Study on Ma Xiangbo’s Ideal of Higher Education  You Guo Jiang was born in Chengdu, China and holds an BA in Philosophy from Ateneo de Mania University (1998), an MA in sociology from Ateneo de Manila (2002) and an STL (Licentiate of Sacred Theology) from Harvard Divinity School and Weston Jesuit School of Theology from 2007-2008. His work experience includes time in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Philippines with UNHCR,UNESCO and International Red Cross from 2003-2006.
Presently working toward Ph.D in higher education at the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College in September 2008. Adviser: Professor Philip Altbach.
Research Interests: International higher education, liberal arts education, spirituality and education, counseling.
Shi Jinghuan “Why ”and ”How” Matter: Student Engagement in China’s Context  
Mark S. Johnson Global Foundations: Teacher Education, Transnational History and Postcolonial Theory  
Jack Lee Malaysian Higher Education: Negotiating Crossroads in the Post-Colonial Era Jack Lee was a program manager and instructor at the Centre for Intercultural Communication, University of British Columbia (UBC), from 2001-2009. During this period, he designed, managed, and facilitated intercultural training programs and workshops for both domestic and international educators, students, and professionals who functioned in culturally diverse environments. While pursuing an M.Ed. in adult education (UBC), Jack spent a year at the University of Oslo, Norway, to study comparative education. He has also lived in Germany and worked at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin. Jack is currently a PhD student at OISE, University of Toronto, under the guidance of Ruth Hayhoe and Jane Knight. His research interests focus on the internationalization of higher education, regionalization, and emerging education hubs particularly in Southeast Asia.
 Jun Li “Looking at” Ours: A Cultural Perspective on the Idea of a Chinese University  
Sharon X. Li Would There be Room for University Governing Boards to Take on the Role of “Public Supervision” Under the Confucian Governance?  
Jing Lin, Hong Yan, Heidi Ross, Ai Zhang, Yipei Liu and Lan Yang What Makes a Creative and Holistic University in China? A case study of Biaobang College Prof. Jing Lin taught at McGill University for eight years and joined the University of Maryland in 2000. She has published five books on Chinese education, culture and society, systematically examining educational changes in China in the last 30 years. She has done extensive research on peace education and environmental education, which result in books entitled Love, Peace and Wisdom in Education: Vision for Education in the 21st Century (2006), Educators as Peace Makers: Transforming Education for Global Peace (2008), and Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education (2010). She is the co-editor of two book series, one on Peace Education, and the other on Transforming Education for the Future.

Currently, Professor Lin is leading a group of scholars to carry out an action research in China. This project involves introducing Western learning theories into China while rediscovering and reviving traditional ways of learning in the Chinese culture. The efforts to introduce participation, dialogues, community of learning, and student-centered teaching are met with great challenges but a great deal of opportunities.

 Ji’an Liu Cultural Values, Government Policies, and Equality in Chinese Higher Education  
Jingjing Lou Higher Education in the Perspective of Rural Chinese Students: Findings From A Cross-Regional Survey Study Jingjing Lou is assistant professor of education and youth studies at Beloit College, Wisconsin. She obtained a B.A. from the Peking University (PR China), an M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy Studies from Indiana University at Bloomington. Her dissertation is entitled "The School Wall Crumbles: Pollution, Townization, and the Changing Ecology of Rural Schooling in Northwest China." She has been awarded a Spencer Fellowship (2007-2008), a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Student Abroad (2007-2008), a Chancellor's Fellowship (Indiana University, 2003-2007).

Jingjing has done research on higher education reforms in Russia, US and China. Her current research focuses on education studies in Rural China, with a particular interest on how urbanization and migration has altered the ecology of rural schooling and how this has had impact on rural youth\'s academic aspiration and life expectation. In addition to teaching and research, Jingjing has also served as a research consultant for a few international and domestic NGOs. Her CV can be accessed from the following site: http://beloit.academia.edu/JingjingLou

 Jia Luo Towards Mutuality in Modernizing Minority Higher Education Institutions in China  

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