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Education and Global Cultural Dialogue Conference 

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Presenters Title Biography
Yu Ningning Changes of university entrance examination


Sarfaroz Niyozov & Farid Panjwani Understanding and Teaching the Cultural/Religious Other: Implications for Educational Policy, Research and Practice  
Anatoly Oleksiyenko Comparing International Research Partnership Strategies in Canada, China and Russia  
Su-Yan Pan The State, Cross-border Higher Education, and the Mission of Chinese Universities in A Global Age Su-Yan Pan is assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at The Hong Kong Institute of Education. Her research interests and publications cover the areas of higher education, citizenship education, international education relations, and education policy and legislation in China. Her research in these fields places emphasis on the cross-fertilization of Western and Chinese perspectives in understanding and explaining important issues such as: the role of the state in governance and social change, equity and equality, university autonomy, educational legislation, private education, world-class university, the cross-border flow of international human capital, multiple identities and citizenship education in the global context.
Neville Panthaki Back to the Future-A Historical Interpretation for the Spiritual Revival of the Asian Ideal Type Globalized University in Nalanda.  
 Glen Peterson 'Education Changes the World': Reflections on the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program Glen Peterson is Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. His research interests include the history of education in China and the history of Chinese migration. His books include The Power of Words: Literacy and Revolution in South China (1997), Education, Culture and Identity in Twentieth Century China (edited with Ruth Hayhoe and Yonling Lu, 2001) and Motherland! Politics,Economy and Transnationality in the People's Republic of China (forthcoming 2011).
David Post A Tale Of Two Circles? Ruth Hayhoe’s Hong Kong Over 30 Years  
Heidi Ross &
Yimin Wang
Humanizing Globalization: Five Scholars Bridge East and West through Comparative and International Education

Heidi Ross is Director of the East Asian Studies Center, co-Director of the Australian National University-Indiana University Pan Asia Institute, and Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University. She earned her B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature at Oberlin College, an M.A. in Education/Applied Linguistics at the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Educational Foundations, Policy, and Administration at the University of Michigan. Dr. Ross has taught and consulted at numerous institutions in East Asia, has served as president of the Comparative and International Education Society, co-editor of Comparative Education Review, and as Chair of Educational Studies and Director of Asian Studies at Colgate University. Ross has published widely on Chinese education, gender and schooling, and qualitative research methodology, and her books include China Learns English (Yale), The Ethnographic Eye (Garland), and Taking Teaching Seriously (Paradigm). She is currently leading two field-based projects in the PRC on student engagement in Chinese higher education and girls' educational access and attainment in rural Shaanxi.

Yimin Wang is a third-year doctoral student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department with a concentration in International and Comparative Education. She obtained her Master’s degree in China Studies from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Prior coming to Indiana University, Yimin worked as a research associate at the National Institute of Education in Singapore, where she was actively involved in several large-scale projects aiming at nationwide curriculum reform funded by the Ministry of Education. At IU, she was awarded a Proffitt Fellowship from 2008 to 2009, a pre-dissertation field trip grant in 2010, and an International Enhancement Grant in 2011.
Yimin's current research interests include environmental education (education for sustainability), College Entrance Examination in China, reforms of Chinese higher education, and Comparative and International Education. Since Fall 2010, Yimin is also teaching an undergraduate class titled Media, Culture and Education: A Global Perspective.

Yang Rui Education and Global Cultural Dialogue: Analysis of the Chinese Knowledge Diaspora at a Major Canadian University  
 Vilma Seeberg Sustainable international collaboration: Ruth’s multigenerational network  
Riyad A. Shahjahan Facilitator or Inhibitor of Global Cultural Dialogue? The Role of International Organizations in the Globalization of Higher Education Policy Research Associate, Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto
 Yuxin Tu  A Cultural Dialogue between China and Canada: An Empirical Study of Confucius Institutes in Canada  

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